S53: How To Make Your Own Eye Cream.


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What do you need To Make Your Very Own Eye Cream:

A small jar -0.5 oz–Glass preferably

A waxing or wooden stick to stir your ingredients

You will need a stove or portable one.

-1. 5 Teaspoon Raw Unrefined Organic Shea Butter –Melt it a little on low heat setting.

– 3 drops -Organic Avocado Oil or Almond oil.

– 3 drops-Organic Rose Hip oil 100 Pure by INSTA natural – $ 21.75

–  1.5  teaspoon Vitamin E 12,000 IU Creme by Derma e   $ 13.75

Listen to our show for the “how to ” of this wonderful homemade eye cream.

Thank you for your time.   Be well and Happy!

Smiles and Hugs,




S52: The Eyes Have It!

The eyes are the attention/focal point  of your face so you want to take extra care of this area.  Let’s talk about different  treatments that will keep our eye area healthy and beautiful.

1.  Eye treatments that absolutely work! 

Use an organic potato for tightening the skin area around your eyes.  Here’s how:

Place an organic potato in clean pure water and let it soak 3-4 hours. Don’t submerge in water, simply cover the bottom less than half of the potato.  Our objective is to allow the starch to leave the potato.  The potato starch will help smooth the delicate skin around your eyes and the added plus is reduce the puffiness if any. Take a cotton pad and place it in the water -squeeze out excess liquid and apply pads on your eyes.  Go ahead and place your feet up on a pillow and just relax for 15-20 minutes.  Meanwhile as you rest  the potato starch is actually penetrating your skin.  Another added plus is the lightening around your eyes (dark circles).    The reason that it lightens your skin is due the  enzyme: catecholase.  When exposed to the air catecholase oxidizes and becomes benzoquinone which is in the distant  family of hydroquinone. Many of you  may recall the buzz on the safety of  hydroquinone.

2. Shea Butter

A wonderful moisturizer!

3.  Cucumber Eye Mask

A most wonderful relaxing feeling to the eye area.  Reduces puffiness and  reduces the dark circles.

4.  Green Tea w/caffeine

Fabulous!  The tannins in the tea assist in tightening your skin by increasing blood circulation.  The caffeine in the tea shrink the blood vessels which reduces the  dark circles by increasing blood circulation.   keep tea bags for twenty minutes and resume normal activity.

5.  Avocado Oil

Excellent for dry skin and hyperpigmentation (dark spots)

As we age our skin (around our eyes too) begins to thin so it is imperative that we take EXTRA care for our eyes. Dark circles can add years to our face so treat them by being consistent.

Other Tips:

Get a good night’s sleep. makes a difference in skincare. It will help minimize those dark circles.

Don’t smoke.  the nicotine affects your blood flow and significantly reduces the collagen.

Your life style matters. Eat at a clean diet, drink your water and exercise.

Don’t squint! Squinting causes “crows feet”. This is part of what is called “motion” wrinkles for example laugh lines. Constantly stretching the skin in a certain area unnecessarily.

Apply your sunscreen! The eye creams do not contain sunscreen so apply gently  around your eyes.

Vitamin A is so super for all skin types

When applying eye cream use your ring finger for a more gentler touch.

Thank you for joining me today! Make it a great day! In our next show, we will make our very own moisturizer.

Be well & Happy

Cieloscent xoxo






S51: Menopause And Skincare


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Your body is a busy place during menopause and that includes your skin. What’s happening? Testosterone – hormone– is taking over which enlarges pores therefore increasing more oil causing adult acne around your jaw line.  Notice more hair where it doesn’t belong? Blame testosterone!  You notice a thinning of your skin, sagging, wrinkling,  dryness and itchiness too!  The hormones in your body are shifting bringing discomfort and changes in the skin such as hyperpigmentation( especially around the mouth area)  and for some acne.   As we age we produce less collagen (most important protein in your skin)  which gives our skin that youthful healthy glow.  The elasticity and the skin’s ability to retain moisture is vital  so that may call for adding additional products in our skincare regiment.  Our skin changes because of hormonal shifts most especially the drop in estrogen.  We spoke in our last show the importance of strong  collagen and elastin fibers so building these should be a goal in aging with grace. We  accomplish this in several ways:

1.  Your Lifestyle: matters!  Great skin begins from within.

Stay out of the sun and use sunscreen everyday!  Drink your water and limit coffee, tea, soda and alcohol.  Consider taking supplements (check with your Medical Doctor) if your diet is food on the go.  Clean up your  diet. Eat “clean” food such a veggies and fruits.  Exercise can be a a nice walk or bike riding but do something where you are motivating your body to remain strong and healthy.  Reduce your stress levels by meditating or even just taking a nap during the day. Have fun! Laugh!l

2. Skincare

I saw an ad the other day for a skincare line designed especially for the” “woman of menopause”.  Let me share a secret with you right now: there is no special skincare regiment to follow other than adding a few new products into what has been working for you now and some lifestyle changes. You are your own unique skin type and you determine what your skin is craving and feed it what it needs. A skincare therapist is an added bonus during this time because 1. it is a relaxing experience and 2. The skincare Therapist  will teach you how to take care of your skin. During this time, no woman is alike in their experience with menopause.

a.  Cleanse your face twice a day. Use what is appropriate for your skin. The less chemicals the better!

b.  Exfoliate:  You activate and encourage the new skin cells found at the bottom of your epidermis to surface to your outer skin.  You also encourage blood  circulation: bringing blood to feed your skin and to clean up through the blood vessels.  Careful with exfoliating- although important – I am not always a fan because most people overuse scrubs and are not always gentle with their skin when applying it.  It is vital to help shed the dead layer of skin cells but do so with care.

c.  Moisturize: We want to seal the water in especially during this time.  It’s important to use products that mimic what our skin should be doing for us during menopause. I still love using coconut oil straight out of our kitchen cupboard!

4.  SUNSCREEN every single day!  Badgers is a nice brand to use with less chemicals that most sunscreens  carry.

5.  Extra Tips:

a.  Up your antioxidants by the foods you consume and applying topically to your skin.

b.   Stay away from products that have FRAGRANCE because it is an irritant to the skin.  Ingredients like parabens and phthalates are considered by many to be  endocrine disruptors and you have lots going on in your body right now you don’t need chance it. Avoid  propylene glycol and triclosan (found also in hand sanitizers), sulfates too!  Read you labels because the one thing shared by all menopausal women is sensitive skin.  Each one will differ in what makes their skin more sensitive.

c.  You can add extra products but don’t pile on your ingredients on your face. Choose days when you will use your serums and treatment masks.  Keep it as simple as possible.  I just adore using rosewater from European roses and Rose hip oil (one of my serums) because my skin loves it!

d.  Add vitamin C as we spoke on our last show -it will help in collagen production.

e. Get regular check ups, and keep Gyn and mamo exams up-to-date.

6.  Attitude matters:

What you think about yourself matters.  Your self-talk is a mighty powerful tool and it can build you up or tear you down.  Take this time and consider it a “renewal” not a “breaking down time”.  This is your opportunity to shine the new you along with a fresh outlook on life.   Go outside of your comfort zone and do what some of the things that you have always wanted to do.  Hey, girlfriend, you are just getting started! Best wishes always!

Be well and happy!

Cieloscent xoxoxo

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S50: The Power Of Essential Oils


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What exactly are essential oils?  The oils that have been extracted from aromatic plants.

Essential oils have a powerful and spiritual connection when used.  Perhaps this is the reason why they have had a significant role in our history. Oils have been used and still today in medicine and religion. The oils penetrate deep into our system-the healing begins at a cellular level. Extracting the oil through steam distillation is the process used. Use Extreme caution when purchasing your oils because not all oils are created equal.  Make sure the botanical name is listed on the label to ensure that you are purchasing a pure oil. The label should also list their source and the plant parts used.  The Lavender Spike that I use comes from Spain and the plant parts used are leaves, stems and the flowers. Essential oils should be pure and like everything used in moderation.

Please consult your medical practitioner or Physician before implementing or changing your current health regiment. Never stop any medications without consulting your Medical Doctor. 

Let’s review a few of the most popular essential oils:

Lavender:  A great aid for some for those suffering from insomnia. This is a natural calming oil so it’s great to help you sleep. Place one-two drops on a cotton cloth and place it in the corner of your bedroom. Always test a product for allergy sensitivity.  Remember these oils are quite aromatic so less is more. If you have respiratory problems check with your physician prior to using the oils.  Lavender is also used as an estrogen promoting oil.  This oil has  anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. This is a very relaxing oil and I always have it in my home. I also include it in my first aid kit which I carry with me in my bag. I use it in my homemade Hand Sanitizer and it not only disinfects but smells heavenly! Remember a little goes a long way when using essential oils. You can apply lavender on your feet without any skin irritation. True Lavender, Spike  lavender and Lavandin are the ones most commonly used.

Rose– Extremely high in antibacterial properties. Dull skin is brought to life and makes this an excellent addition to mature skin care. The flower petals are used and has a moderate level of aroma.  One of my favorite for skin care and gentle scent. This oil is VERY expensive BUT well worth every penny.

 Peppermint:   Oil derived from the leaves. Helps you to focus.  Helps in bringing clarity to mind. Great for easing symptoms of sinus condition. Can help relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Increases the oxygen in our blood level by merely inhaling one drop of peppermint.

Tea Tree Oil:  A topical antiseptic and anti fungal.  Can cause allergic reaction. Tea Tree oil kills bed bugs instantly! Plant leaves and branches used. Strong Scent!

ORAC value? What does that mean?  It measures the total antioxidant activity in foods instead of the vitamins contained within an item.  What?! Okay, first of all ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and this is a lab test. It tests the food by placing it in a test tube along with properties that can oxidize the food. So the less free radical damage by the protection of the antioxidants in the food the better for us! The higher the antioxidant capacity the less the free radicals.  Remember free radicals equals damaged cells. Cigarette smoke is a free radical producer and we know that is bad for our body.

Where can you fine these ORAC values? http://www.oracvalues.com

The information provided on this blog/podcast is for personal information and interest. It is absolutely not intended  to offer a medicinal treatment for ANY condition. Please consult your medical professional or physician regarding any health concerns or questions.

During my visits to whole foods I became interested in pure oils.  In fact, it was at whole foods that I learned about lavender spike.  Visit your local whole foods or vitamin store for your essential oils.

Be well and happy.  Thanks for joining me today.  Please feel free to share this information. .

Cieloscent  xoxo




S48: Evening Skincare Routine For Men.


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1. Wash Your hands first before touching your face.

2. Wet your face with lukewarm water-EVER so slightly on the cool side.

3.  Apply a cleanser in a circular motion to remove all of dirt and grime from the day. Cleanse morning and evening.

4.  You can use a small brush or clarisonic unit.  . Make sure your face is  wet when using clarisonic.

5.  Use baby soft hand towels and pat dry.  hand towels are your best friends in skincare! Use it and toss it in the laundry bin. Always use a clean hand towel. It is so easy to build up “yucky” mold and bacteria on towels hanging around in the bath.

6.  Pat dry your skin! Please don’t rub your skin off.  Be gentle.

7.  Men, you are constantly exfoliating your skin when you shave but you want to get other areas of your skin too.  I recommend that once or twice a week that you use a coarser hand towel and gently exfoliate your skin. You do this by applying your favorite cleanser on the hand towel and in a circular motion cover your entire skin (except your eyes) .  The towel becomes your scrub. Be gentle.   If you prefer you can make your own scrub to remove dead skin cells. ( Listen to message for recipe).

8.  You can spray a little witch hazel with Aloe Vera -Alcohol-free by Thayers. Be careful of your eyes or simply apply with a cotton pad. You can find this toner at whole foods or any vitamin store.

9.  Apply your moisturizer.  Make sure that you select one without the sunscreen because you don’t need it at bedtime. Less chemicals on your skin the better.  Consider using Borage Oil Moisturizer by Shikai- if you have dry skin.

10.  Optional:  You can use a very small amount of pure vitamin E around your eyes for nutrition in this area.  Use a small amount.  It is rather heavy and your eye area is sensitive. You can use this 1-2 per week.

There you have it!  A simple way for our men to take care of their skin too.

Skincare Talk Radio News:  Consider creating a basket or set for your man with all the ingredients needed for his skincare. Include a sunscreen for daytime wear. Sephora has lots of kits right now at a good price-check them out. Macy’s is also running online specials on Clinique skincare kits for men.

Skincare Talk Radio Motivating Moment: We are all aging and all the cosmetic surgery or Bvvffotox can’t stop the aging clock from ticking.  Yes, it’s true that we can prevent premature aging but we all reach the same destination in that gravity wins out at the end.  If you identify ONLY with your outer beauty you will feel lost later in life.  Nourish the beauty from within and cherish it.  The beauty within you will keep you young forever.


S47: How To Manage Upper Lip Shadow.


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In Summary Show Notes:  (Please listen to show for complete message-NOT all information written on show notes).

The annoying upper lip shadow that makes you look like you have a mustache! It’s gotta go…..now!  Yes, not the most flattering feature of your face but you are not alone.  So let’s look at some alternatives on how to manage this skin challenge. Mostly every woman has taken a look at her upper lip and at one time or another and has noticed at least one hair too many.  Certain skin types are certainly more prone to the shadowing of the upper lip.  In the skincare industry we have a chart that determines your skin type.  You may have heard of it, the Fitzpatrick Scale and it’s based on certain inherited features and your reaction to the sun.  Let me run through these quickly:  (You can hear them during show program). The skin type most prone to the upper lip shadowing or any form of hyperpigmentation  is Type 2 and above but most especially types 3 & 4.

CAUSES OF UPPER LIP SHADOWING: (Please listen to show for full details)

1.  Have you noticed ever since you have started waxing your upper lip that the area is beginning to darken?

2.  Do you use hair removing cremes on your upper lip?  Are you plucking your upper lip?

3.  Do you smoke?  Yes, smoking darkens your upper lip, lips and yellows teeth.  (not preaching here-just the facts).

4.  Threading?  Well, interesting thing about threading is that it does not “darken” upper lip but may give the appearance of a mustache over time because the “hairs” grow in a bit thicker than before.  In threading, hair comes in less or just stops growing in certain areas.

5.  Medications.  Are you taking a new medication?  Are you taking birth control pills?

6.  Sunscreen.  Do you use sunscreen?

7.   Are You Pregnant? The pregnancy mask will involve your lip area.

8.  GOT Menopause? Hormonal changes can encourage thicker hair growth and  and darken your skin.

HOW TO MANAGE UPPER LIP SHADOWING? (Listen to show program for complete message)

1.  Consider laser therapy.  Do your research with the types of laser therapy that best suit your skin! Can be a costly venture and you want to seek a qualified operator to perform laser therapy (permanent hair removal).  Keep in mind, that sometimes hyperpigmentation may actually occur as a result of certain laser therapy procedures!

2.  Stop waxing!  I know this may not make me a popular skincare therapist but your upper lip will be grateful that you followed this advise. Did you know that it also creates wrinkles due to all the pulling of your skin (not good at all nor pleasant).  Stop using the hair removal cremes too!  Hyperpigmentation is inflammation as a result of a skin injury.  There is an increase in the melanin production and this is what causes hyperpigmentation. .

3.  Consider threading because you will be able to manage the hyperpigmentation of your upper lip.

4.  USE YOUR SUNSCREEN especially around your upper lip.  SPF 30. Protect this area.  Baby it!  Melanin production is triggered by sunlight so it naturally wants to protect you from harm by producing more pigments.

5.  Consider adding antioxidants to your diet through supplements and add Folic acid by adding more vegetables.  Drink your water.

6.  Visit a skincare therapist at least once every two months if budget an issue.  I think when one has acne or hyperpigmentation challenges that this is where your skilled skincare therapist can help you manage this skin challenge.  If budget is not an issue then twice a month would be great for your skin.

7.  Check out any side effects that your medications may have that darken your skin.

8.  Use Do it yourself  (check out my DIY programs)  skin lightening treatments.   They work but take time and consistency is key to seeing improvement.

9.  By the way, exfoliate for hyperpigmentation too!  Everything to minimize or eliminate hyperpigmentation areas are all those  things we do every day.  All these deposits into your skin work together for a better “skin”.

Thank you so much for joining me today.  Please listen to our show for complete message.

Be  well and happy.



S45: Pumpkin Skincare Is A Treat!

Yes!  Pumpkin for your skin! Yummy!  Let me share with you all the benefits that pumpkin can add to your skin.

PUMPKIN is loaded with essential fatty acids! This means glowing skin for you because the enzymes in the pumpkin stimulate cell turnover. Sooo pumpkin (because of the natural enzymes)  will help slough off that dead skin and allow the younger new cells to surface.  What’s cell turnover or desquamation?  Shedding your dead skin cells and replacing them with brand new ones. Pumpkin is loaded with vitamins that your skin craves.  If you have dry, sun damaged skin or suffer from acne pumpkin may be a great addition to your skincare regiment.  By the way,  pumpkin helps with hyperpigmentation because of the vitamin T.  Pumpkin overall is a great healer because of the vitamin content and antioxidants.  I love the vitamin A in the pumpkin because this is a powerhouse in skincare by increasing the production of collagen for a more youthful appearance.  Consider adding pumpkin skincare if you suffer from acne because of its anti inflammatory properties.  Pumpkin skincare products control the oil in our skin and reduces pore size. Pumpkin is a powerhouse exfoliater because of those enzymes they actually behave  as alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) which helps the skin in becoming firmer and thicker.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen let’s make our very own enzyme rich pumpkin scrub.  As always, if you are under doctors care please consult with your primary physician before adding any new regiment. Always skin patch test!

Pumpkin Scrub for your face, elbows and feet

Organic Pumpkin (BPA free liner) 1 can (whole foods brand or farmers market)

Manuka Honey ( Active 16 Plus) 100% raw

Organic Milk

Organic Brown sugar

1.  4-5 Tablespoons of Pumpkin

2. 1-2 tablespoons of brown sugar

Mix pumkin and sugar  then add the following ingredients to your mixture and blend together.

3.  1 Tablespoon of manuka honey

4.  1.5  teaspoon of milk

Once blended  try a bit on the back of your hand to check for texture/consistency. If you have sensitive skin then you may want to lessen the amount of sugar .

Apply mixture to clean skin and be gentle.  Apply it in circular motion to cover all your skin EXCEPT your eye area because the sugar granules may find their way in your eyes and they hurt or could possibly injure your eye.    You may have to adjust this receipe to suit your preference but the end result will  be fabulous  skin! Continue with your normal skincare regiment.  This scrub is best used in the evening.

Skincare Talk Radio News 

Probiotics are “live microorganisms” and you may want to consider adding it to your diet AND applying it on your  skin. Why?  Many claim that it reduces the redness associated with rosacea and helps with inflammation of the skin.  Women from India have used tumeric and yogurt  (check out my show on  tumeric mask) on their face for decades. The probiotics that seem to benefit the skin:  Lactobasili and bifidobacterium.

Skincare Talk Radio Motivational Moments

Life events affect our skin! Don’t allow your life challenges to rob you of your inner beauty. It’s so easy to get  lost in our own troubles that we forget to take care of ourselves..  Take time for yourself to recharge your battery by writing, exercising, meeting with friends, a hobby -anything that relaxes you and brings you joy.

Thank you so much for joining me today.  Be well and happy! xoxo cieloscent


S44: Underarm Rash Question

1.  Have you started waxing? Is the waxing operator using a different type of wax.

2.  Shaving?  New Lotion?

3.  Are you going through some  life challenges creating more stress.? Yes, stress can make you itchy!

4.  Hormonal shifts can make some of us itchy too.

5.   Wearing a different deodorant?

Listen to our program today for complete message.  Always partner with your physician.

Thank you so much for joining me today.  Make it a great day!


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