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etsyproductimagecover Purchase Books Here In 2016: I introduced our very first mini book, “Healthy Habits For Healthy skin. Part of an ongoing mini- series of books concentrating on Holistic Skincare.

In January 2017, we introduced, “Botanical Skincare Oils” and began the ongoing series with Jojoba oil.



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Book 1-  “Healthy Habits For Healthy Skin– July 2016:  Holistic Skincare is a combination of everything in your life.  The foods you eat, what you apply on your skin, your environment, stress, sleep, etc. This mini-book highlights some of the important  steps towards healthy skin. 

Book 2- “Botanical Skincare Oils”- Jojoba Oil-January 2017: This mini book is part of another great ongoing series dedicated to Botanical skincare oils. Collect them      all in 2017!

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