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S-841: Makeup Artistry Tip On the Go

Skincare Talk Radio. Holistic Skincare Educator Cieloscent. Our topic today: “Makeup Artistry Tip On the Go- Foundation and Blush.” Welcome to our other podcasts: A Successful Aging Podcast With Cieloscent All three of Our Podcasts-WELCOME! Recent Comments/Reviews:  Thank you!!!! Cieloscent Your voice matters and your positive review warms my heart!  Thank you!! Leave review here-Link.… Read More S-841: Makeup Artistry Tip On the Go

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S-782: Estheticians Talk Shop-How to be an Esthetican

How To Be An Esthetican. Step by step information. Estheticans Talk Shop.  Thank you my dear listener for our latest Apple Podcast Review! I really appreciate your kind words! Thank you!!!! Cieloscent Motivation Moments Podcast (Innate Empowerment) http://radio.cieloscent.com/ * Cieloscent Rosary (Faith Based community) http://rosary.cieloscent.com/ You can reach Cieloscent via Twitter & our other platforms.… Read More S-782: Estheticians Talk Shop-How to be an Esthetican