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S-843: Healthy Hair Tips-Product Review

Skincare Talk Radio -Podcast-Holistic Skincare Educator-Our topic today: “Healthy Hair-Product Review.”  Here is the link of brush mentioned in this episode Olivewood Hairbrush by FENDRIHAN Welcome to our other podcasts: A Successful Aging Podcast With Cieloscent All three of Our Podcasts-WELCOME!          

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S-743: Evolving in our Holistic Health & Skincare Routines-Motivation Moment

Listen to your body and skin!  A chat about Rawvana changing her channel to: Yovana Mendoza channel. We are always evolving in our health and skincare regiment. Thank You for listening! Cieloscent   Apple Podcast here- Thanks for the Empowerment!!!   https://twitter.com/cieloscent Our other podcasts: 1.  All About Angels  2. Audio Book club & Ask cieloscent-http://rosary.cieloscent.com… Read More S-743: Evolving in our Holistic Health & Skincare Routines-Motivation Moment

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S-742: UVB Rays

Conversation from our 2014 podcast catalog! Welcome! In our last podcast, I shared an additional Ultraviolet Ray -C- and this is absorbed by our ozone layer so it does not penetrate our atmosphere. We mentioned UVA rays as to having “long” arms meaning that it has a long wave.  UVB have a short wave and… Read More S-742: UVB Rays