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S-789: Sunscreen, Sunglasses & Healthy Aging Tips

“Sunscreen, Sunglasses & Healthy Aging” Conversation With Cieloscent. This podcast community is a labor of love. Holistic Skincare  & Healthy Aging Conversations. Cieloscent Motivation Moments Podcast (Innate Empowerment) Cieloscent Rosary (Faith Based community)

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S-774: Makeup Artistry & In Cieloscent’s Kitchen-The Green Beauty Educator

Make Artistry & In Cieloscent’s Kitchen! The Green Beauty  Educator.   First Impression Review -Burt’s Bees Blush. Cieloscent Recommendation: Siete Foods,  Alteya Rose Water, Juice Beauty Organics. Cieloscent Rosary (Faith Based community) You can reach Cieloscent via Twitter & are other platforms. – No Sponsors, ads, selling or affiliate links. Just us!

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S-742: UVB Rays

Conversation from our 2014 podcast catalog! Welcome! In our last podcast, I shared an additional Ultraviolet Ray -C- and this is absorbed by our ozone layer so it does not penetrate our atmosphere. We mentioned UVA rays as to having “long” arms meaning that it has a long wave.  UVB have a short wave and… Read More S-742: UVB Rays