S24: Should You Use A Clarisonic?



The Clarisonic removes the dirt- hidden and embedded in your pores- from your face and this is done by the motorized brush moving the bristles rapidly actually wiggling the debris out of the pores.  The process of removing  the dead cells without stripping your skin’s natural PH is a must. . The replacement brushes run around $30.00 and the unit itself is expensive.  Use it gently because most people are under the impression that you need to scrub your skin to get it clean. False!  You will disturb/irritate the outer layer of your skin called the stratum corneum which serves as a protective layer. A definite added plus is the lymphatic massage this provides most especially in those “puffy” face mornings.  During a facial spa treatment this type of massage helps with increasing circulation so the same principle applies to using your clarisonic.  The Clarisonic Mia($149.00) is the unit that I use and yes I love it!  My observation as been that in the reduction of my pores in  size and just overall glowing/clean look.  Please don’t use the Clarisonic if you are using retinols.  Consult with your dermatologist before adding or eliminating a prescribed treatment.  If you are experiencing skin challenges such as acne or rosacea then you may want to re-consider using the clarisonic.  Sensitive skin and those with broken capillaries may find the clarisonic to harsh to use.  Please remember that your skin gives you clues each day on what it needs.  The secret to great skincare is consistent attention-keep it simple skincare.   http://demandware.edgesuite.net/sits_pod22/dw/image/v2/AANG_PRD/on/demandware.static/Sites-Clarisonic-US-Site/Sites-clarisonic-master-catalog/default/v1408885264617/Mia_Lavender_Front_1000x1000.png?sw=443&sh=443&sm=fit


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S23: How To Lighten and Brighten Your Skin.



Turmeric Mask

1 cup of rice Flour

1 teaspoon of organic turmeric powder

1 cup of yogurt

1 teaspoon of Manuka honey

Combine all ingredients.  Your end result should be a thick consistency. Always skin patch test and partner with your physician or dermatologist before changing any skin care routine.  This mask works over time but will give you an immediate glow upon rinsing it off.  Please listen to our program for the full details on how to create your very own turmeric mask.  Thank you for joining me today. Please feel free to share this information via social media.  Thanks! Bye for now!

S22: How To Avoid Pre-mature Aging.

Show Notes:  Sadly, skincare/beauty products are not put through any “safety” test so you don’t know when something isn’t so great for you.  There is no “product recall” in place to protect us from harmful ingredients found in our beauty care. How do we protect our health when using our beauty products?  By educating ourselves on what ingredients have proven or are even suspected to cause harm.  In Europe there has been a ban of over 1000 ingredients known to cause harm in cosmetics and we have only had a few.  Mostly those pertaining to skin lighting agents (hydroquinone)  and hair straightening treatments have been banned.  The rest is up to us to research and avoid within our own skincare regiment.  Harmful ingredients will not only age your skin but create an unbalance to your overall well-being. Read your labels.  Generally if you can’t pronounce the name of an ingredient  then it most likely does not belong in or on your body.

1.  Use a sunscreen with zinc Oxide or titanium Dioxide. SPF 15 or 30 depending on outdoor Activity. Reapply often. Prevent sun damage! sunspots on your hands are a result of the unprotected sun exposure so don’t forget the rest of your body. Even if you work indoors and sit by a window  the sun can find you and create damage.  Wear a hat that covers your face and don’t forget to protect your eyes (sunglasses). We have UVB and UVA light rays   and just for your 411-UVA sun rays can go through windows and land on your skin which is cancer producing.   So wear your sunscreen all seasons-365 days a year- come rain or shine.

2.  People who smoke age rapidly so if that alone can make you stop great! Your overall well being is in jeopardy but you already know that. I know that it is hard to quit smoking so let me share some tips that have helped others.   The number one jump start  in quitting smoking  is really wanting to quit.  Nicotine is addicting so trying to quit all by your lonesome may be difficult so seek help.  Visit you primary physician and let he or she know that you are ready to quit smoking. The physician can make certain nicotine replacement recommendations that have been proven successful . Recruit the help of family and friends because it’s those in your social circle that will prevent you from lighting “just one more” in your weak moments.  Consider behavioral therapy along with your physician recommendations to ensure your success.

3.  Keep your stress in check.  Incorporate restful music, sports exercise most especially when you are eliminating bad habits such as smoking and drinking.  Meditate, visualize, breath and take naps!  By the way, when you exercise please don’t tense your jaw because the cords that run along your neck stand out and pulls down the face making you look older and tired.

4.  Eat more fruits, vegetables and drink more water.  Please don’t drink your water through a straw because it creates lines. Consider adding light juicing if you don’t consume lots of veggies.  Eliminate if possible, excess salt, caffeine and most especially sugar  The sugar in our diet is bad because it breaks down the collagen and elastin in the skin causing you to age quicker.

5. Allow your skin to repair itself at night by getting a good night sleep.  Utilize silk or satin pillow case so you don’t wake up with lines on your face. If your budget allow, invest in 1000 thread count sheets and pillow cases this helps prevent wrinkles/sleep lines. Change your pillow cases daily because they collect bacteria and absorbs the oils from our skincare products on our face at night.

6.  Pamper your skin by providing it with excellent and consistent skincare.  Cleanse, Moisturize and use sunscreen.those  We want to boost cell turnover and chase away those DNA-havoc creating free radicals.

Daily and consistent steps will ensure healthy and beautiful skin.






S21: Let’s Talk Eyebrows.

Show Notes:  The eyebrows are the canopy for your beautiful eyes! The Eyebrows job is to protect our eyes and keep our vision clear by keeping the moisture from sweat away from our eyes.  Consider the arch of your eyebrow the traffic cop that directs sweat/moisture down the sides of your face instead of your eyes.  The salty composition of sweat can irritate your eye so your eyebrow is a must.  In the 1960’s some  women shaved or plucked their eyebrow off  just to pencil them in.  Some women as a result of having to pencil in their eyebrows would create a harsh brow giving the appearance of being angry.  Yes, mean eyebrows can have anyone running the other way quicker before you can even say hello. Well- groomed eyebrows can absolutely change the appearance of your face! The eyebrows are our most expressive feature of our face we need to groom them regularly.  The tools you need at home:  Eyebrow gel,  a little scissor, an eyebrow shadow/palette and eyebrow brush.  You should visit an eyebrow specialist at one of the -now famous-“brow bars” within your department stores or Ulta  and have them groomed from time to time.  In between once you have learned you can groom yourself. It is a little expensive at the least $25.00 to tweeze or wax your brow. Gentlemen, have your brows tweezed not waxed.  Wax gives a softer and feminine appeal.  Men generally want a strong look and you can achieve that type of eyebrow by tweezing. Your eyebrows hold lots of power so take care of them too! Thanks for sharing this time with me.  Enjoy your day!


S20: The World Of The Esthetician.

Show Notes:  Contact your local Department of state licensing and request an Esthetician packet. This packet will include the study hours required before taking the state exam for licensing.  Find your niche -specialize in an area that you really enjoy.  Here are some ideas: skincare therapist,  makeup artistry, medical aesthetics, cosmetic laser technician, beauty writer, spa/cosmetic sales representative, and oncology esthetics.  In New York you are required to complete a 600 hour program.  Please visit as many schools as possible before making a decision. Best of luck to you!









S19: Harp Therapy To Reduce Stress?

There is no doubt that stress has an impact on our skin health.  Just think about the last time that you were stressed out.  Maybe you experienced a break out in pimples or itchy skin.  If you are struggling with a certain skin condition such as rosacea you may have discovered how stress exasperates it.  Stress will worsen any medical challenge that you may be undergoing.   Life challenges are part of our human experience and stress is in the mix of it all.  One of the most powerful tools that we have to ease stress is through music.  Most especially what is being termed as “harp therapy”.  Harp therapist practice in hospitals, hospices,  and other medical settings.  As a Healing harpist practitioner, I  included “harp therapy” into my oncology Esthetics. I discovered that there is -clearly- a mind/ body connection when harp therapy is administered.    Music of any kind that  is calming to you is a great tool in stress reduction.  There is a great deal of brain activity going on with music therapy.  Another stress reducer is actually learning how to play a musical instrument.  Another benefit is that it increases HgH which is the human growth hormone produced by the pituitary glands which declines with age.  HgH helps keep our skin healthy and slows down the aging process.  Incorporating music has a positive effecs on all levels most especially our skin health.

Stress reduction sources:  Calm Radio -Harp, Hoffman Academy (piano Lessons), Harp Therapy International (Harp Therapy program).








S17: Waxing Precautions

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First things first, your waxing spa should look clean as soon as you step foot in the door. Cleanliness is  number one.  If it doesn’t look clean, leave as fast as you can. You don’t want to regret stepping foot in and leaving with a nasty infection due to unsanitary practices.Visit the waxing spa first and then make your appointment after your inspection.  The number one sign of a great skincare therapist is the consultation.  You should be handed a consultation form because this will document any medications, health conditions such as Aids, lupus, rosacea, diabetes, allergies, or any cosmetic procedures that may be a contraindication to waxing. Of course, if you are under a doctor’s care you must check with he/she before changing your health care regiment. You will want to consult with your physician if you are taking any blood thinners such as medication for high blood pressure or platelets before waxing.  Always partner with your physician if you have any medical concerns or questions.Remember to use your gut instinct and don’t get lazy in the rush to get your face waxed.

There should be a beauty specialist license displayed at the entrance of spa or within your view at operator’s station. Make sure that your operator’s credentials are posted and don’t be shy to ask.

2.  The spa must be clean, sufficient lighting at work area, tables should be sanitized after each use. Waxing applicators can only be used once on a client and must be discarded.  Never allow an operator to continue work if you have observed “double dipping” meaning using the same applicator twice. By the way, many women right here in our upscale salons are leaving after brazillian waxes with a nasty viral skin infection  -molluscum contagiosum raised pearl-like papules or nodules -as a result of double dipping.

3.  Before an operator place his/her hands on your face for the waxing make sure that they have washed their hands EVEN if they wear gloves.

4.  What type of wax?  You don’t want any tearing of your skin.  There is hard wax for bikini and underarms which is much more gentle and will adhere to the hair opposed to your skin. Soft wax is used large areas. Both methods are applied but removed differently.

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S16: How To Have Luscious and Kissable Lips.

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A  kiss starts out great when you have soft inviting lips. One of the “must do” for your lips is lightly exfoliating them.  Consistency is the key to great health and super skin and taking regular care of your lips is part of that routine.  One of the best ways to get into a routine that will lead you to soft lips is the basic kitchen cupboard sugar scrub. Place a bit of brown sugar in a glass bowl and add a bit of olive oil.  You will only need a very small amount for your lips. Apply on your lips and massage in circular motions gently.  You can use a very soft baby toothbrush, or a wet  wash cloth to help exfoliate your lips. Do this for about a minute and then rinse with warm water. It is very important to rehydrate your lips so I recommend using a little coconut oil.  Avoid petroleum based products if you choose the over the counter products and any other chemicals that may actually cause break outs around your mouth. You can always add honey instead of olive oil which is super yummy for your lips as well. By the way, your lips can get sunburn too especially your lower lip so protect your lips from the sun. Consider trying Badger Sunscreen lip balm with SPF 15. They also have a very nice coca butter for dry lips. A little effort on your part everyday will keep your lips kissable too.  Thanks for joining me today! Make it a great day!

S15: How to Have Heathy and Longer Eyelashes

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30 day challenge for you.   https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQBmT-cpXyjKDu4fnpNDQgg3RWfwL74Bf24XNt_W2I18c7_Fqxs I always say that the best cosmetic counter can be found in your kitchen.  When a child my mom, at the first sign of illness, would give me a spoonful of “yucky” castor oil. Decades later, I get one of my,”aha” moments  and it all becomes crystal clear.   Mom was right! Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid which prevents the growth of certain types of bacteria, yeast, viruses and molds. This stuff is great!  There are lots of products aimed at ‘growing” longer lashes but not without a cost.  They are very expensive and you are more likely to be allergic to one or more of the ingredients. Of course, you can be allergic to anything  so it is advisable that you always test your products out including castor oil.  The castor oil I use costs under $20 and it lasts for what seems forever. The shelf life is long and the only ingredient: Pure, cold pressed organic ricinus communis which means castor oil and that’s it.  My drinking days of castor oil are long gone but using it for my face and lashes is always welcomed.  I use castor oil as a cleanser too.  The oil lifts the dirt and moisturizes my skin. The interesting thing is that oily and dry skin can use this as a cleanser. I even make my own hand sanitizer using castor oil as one of the ingredients! You can use it for your hair too.  Castor oil has so many uses but for now we’ll concentrate on how to grow beautiful lashes and eyebrows too. 

STEP BY STEP –Always Test First! Check for any allergic reactions!

‘1.   Use only Organic Castor oil.  If you can’t find an organic one email us at cieloscent@gmail.com or call 516 499-1496. 
2.   Use only at night and place a cover on your pillow.  Castor oil tends to stain. 
3.   Wash your hands with soap and water if you will be using your fingertips around your eye.  
4.    Preferably, place a teaspoon of castor oil in a small glass bowl and apply with a Q-tip on the eye lid top and bottom. Place some on eyebrows if you want growth. 
5.   If you have some left you can place it on your nail cuticles. 
 It’s that simple.  You need to be patient but as each week passes you will actually see hair growth on lash line. Your lashes should be longer, thicker and beautiful within 30 days.  IMPORTANT:  If you have any medical issues or concerns please consult with your medical professional.  The posts and comments on this blog are personal opinions and should not be taken as medical advice. Consult with your medical practitioner. Thank you.