S66 : How Can I Use Oils In My Skincare Routine?

Please Use Your sunscreen ALL YEAR ROUND! Soooooo important in your skincare!

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S65: Thinking Botox?

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What’s Botox?  A drug made from a neurotoxin that is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and its name -botulinum toxin. So what’s all this stuff mean?

Let’s put this together to make all this crystal clear. Botox is used for a variety of conditions such as those who suffer from migraine headaches, muscular conditions and to remove wrinkles.

How does BOTOX remove wrinkles?

By paralyzing the muscles-temporarily- This effect lasts anywhere from four to six months.  Once Acetylcholine production returns to normal functioning your wrinkles will return. BOTOX blocks the acetylcholine receptors on the site being cosmetically treated. The acetylcholine cannot signal the muscle being treated to contract so it can not attach itself anywhere on the muscle. Once BOTOX has been introduced to the site the acetylcholine block is NOT reversible and begins working within 48 hours.  You don’t look so terrific after the BOTOX injection but you will begin to notice a significant difference within a week.  Remember this is only temporary.

The Scoop about BOTOX in a nutshell:

1.  Botox is injected to the muscle that causes the wrinkle.

2.  Paralysis of the muscle to prevent wrinkles.

3. The wrinkles most impacted by the administration of BOTOX are those where the muscles need contract or dynamic wrinkles.

4.  Results are TEMPORARY

How do I prepare for BOTOX injections:

1.  Understand what will be done to you. Educate yourself.  Ask Questions!
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S64 : Exploring Face Yoga

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S63: Do you use petroleum on your skin?

Hi everyone and welcome! This is skincare coach cieloscent with  another tip on how to protect your skin during the winter months.  Many of us at one time or another have used petroleum products such as Vaseline. Today we will learn about UN-petroleum by Alba.  One of my favorite products to have because it comes in handy in so many ways.

What’s petroleum Jelly?

In a nut shell it’s the by product of oil production. Specifically the remnants of crude oil when in the making of gasoline. What are my concerns apart from the possible carcinogenic factors which weigh heavy on my mind regarding petroleum and not to mention the environmental reasons:

1.  Clogs your pores! Eventually. Petroleum jelly is very difficult to remove because it is a water repellent and as a result it just sits on your face.  As you know, this is an invitation for bacteria which will initiate a cycle of breakouts and other skin problems.

2.  Many people love petroleum because of it’s ability to seal moisture but what you are really doing is blocking the elimination of toxins.

3. It interferes with your cell turnover and this effects your collagen and elastin which helps your skin from aging faster than it should.

4.  Here is the biggie concern for me:  Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons or PHA’s they have been linked to cancer.  The carcinogenic culprits however are removed in the refining process therefore creating petroleum that is deemed safe to use.  The FDA recognizes petrolatum as a skin protectant because it is not absorbed by the skin.

Why do I use Alba UN-petroleum?   

1.  Simple and safe ingredients.  (Castor oil, Coconut oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E, )

2.  I use  it all over my body especially in the winter months! My feet love this product all year round.

3.  During the winter I place a very small amount of UN-petroleum around my eye area.

4. Reasonably priced: anywhere from $4.00-9.99.

ThisMulti-Purpose Jelly is a fantastic alternative to petroleum should you decide to go this route. Thank you for joining me your- skincare coach -here at skincare talk radio! 

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S61: Face Yoga-A Natural Facelift. Really?

Just a quick peek of our latest show conversation.

Hi Everyone! It takes more muscles to frown than to smile.  It’s really hard to say the exact amount used to smile or frown but we do know that we have 43 of them-muscles -that is- in our face. These muscles are controlled by our facial nerve (seventh cranial nerve) and they need exercise.  The most tension is found in the jaw, forehead and the brow area.  Face yoga is beneficial for smoothing out lines and wrinkles and it is quite relaxing because it releases tension.

Face Yoga Benefits:

1.  Stimulates  collagen production.

2.  Builds muscle and flexibility

3.  Slows down the aging process

4.  Improves circulation

5.  Reduces Tension

6.  Tones your neck

I just love the idea of face yoga and I am making it my skincare intention to learn and practice face yoga.It feels so good and is definitely not difficult.  Hope this helps and take a look at the video so that it can further inspire you.

Thanks for joining me today. Be well & happy! Till we meet again-bye for now!

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S58 Skin Lightening– Naturally


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Hydroquinone– the most popular ingredient in bleaching products because it shuts off the melanin producing cells in the skin.  It’s all about the concentration that you use and this is why you should never use this product without a Physician’s supervision.   Certain individuals  of darker skin complexion found that using hydroquinone would actually create a worse situation. Why? When you use a concentration of Hydroquinone  2% or more you can create a condition called :  exogenous ochronosis ( skin turns bluish black)  this may occur after a prolonged use of Hydroquinone.  (skin thinner)  There are risks that are not worth taking.  over counter 2%  4-dr.

Alternatives: Goal:  Inhibit the production of melanin.

Vitamin C :  We spoke about rose hip oil and its role in lightening your skin and that’s because of the high content of Vitamin C.

Licorice Extract:  Glabridin blocks of the enzyme  tyrosinase (controls the production of melanin). It has powerful anti– inflammatory properties.  Licorice also helps with other skin conditions such as eczema .

How to use Licorice root.

You can find it at whole foods or your local vitamin store.

Raw honey

Rose hip oil (organic and pure)

-2/3 cup of water  and bring to boil and then place licorice root in for about 10-15 minutes

-use strainer to separate licorice root from water.  You’ll be keeping the water.

-Add raw honey to equal the amount of water left after boiling. Mix together .

-Apply mixture and relax for 15-20 minutes and then gently remove with Luke warm water.

-Apply your serums such as rose hip oil.  Only one drop- the evening that you started treatment.

As I always tell you, consistency is the key that unlocks the door to beautiful skin.  You must do this everyday – for at least a week or two-in order to see results. .

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S57: The Healing Rose Oil


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The Rose Hip oil:  In our last show we introduced Rose Hip Oil  and its benefits.  Rose hip are seed pods of roses they (considered fruit) are super high in vitamin C and A which makes it great for  the aging skin because it encourages collagen production.

The Rose Oil:   comes from using lots of rose blossoms (petals) and this is why rose oil is most expensive.  Beauty in a small bottle brought to us through a process called steam distillation.  The roses most commonly used are the Rosa Damascena (Damask Rose)  which is found in Bulgaria and Rosa Centifola . .


All skin types do well by using Rose Oil (skin patch test everything). A multipurpose oil!

–An emollient:  Most especially delicious oil for dry skin because it assists in retaining the moisture your skin needs.

Antiseptic, anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties making this oil SUPER for acne challenged skin.  Helps eliminate the redness in the skin from inflammation.

How to Use Rose Oil: 

1.  Mist your face with your favorite toner. I like to use rose water.

2.  Gently begin applying 1-2 drops of rose oil. Careful with your eyes.

3.   Makes a wonderful bath.  Add rose oil and Manuka honey to water for such a great healing bath.

4.   A wonderful form of aromatherapy because of its healing properties and quite often used during chemotherapy.(skin irrit) .

5.   Use on scars.  Helps in healing broken capillaries.

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S56: A Powerhouse For Beautiful Skin!


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Rose hip oil: 

1.  The skin absorbs this oil which means it penetrates deeply to immediately begin repair and healing. . There is no oily residue.  Acne clients please use with care.

2.  Loaded with antioxidants and rich essential (over 65%) fatty acids and  high levels of vitamin C & E.  High concentration of Vitamin A- retinol-this is the over the counter version of the prescription Retinoid.  The thing about the Vitamin A it is fantastic for your skin when used in moderation. It can cause break outs so if you are already acne prone use with care-(please skin patch test) .

3.  Omega 6 fatty acids: When used in combination with your sunscreen lotion becomes a super protector of your skin.

4.  Lightens skin dark spots – takes time but sure does help!  Hyperpigmentation can be treated with this oil .

5.   By the way, great for your nails too especially if they break easily.

6.  If you suffer from sun damage add this oil to your skincare regiment.

7.  A must is you have dry skin problems.  Hydrates dry skin very well.

8.  Add this oil to your eczema lotion- two drops is okay.

Source:  Seeds come from the wild rose bush in chile..   I use is 100%  certified organic  pure & unrefined cold pressed  Rose hip oil .

How to use your Rose hip oil:  This will serve as your serum in your skincare regiment.

Apply two-three drops into the palm of your clean hand and begin to massage oil to your skin.  Massaging upwards and do this morning and evening to stimulate the collagen and elastin found in the dermis.   Apply it on your stretch marks in combination with Shea butter.  Super dynamic skincare duo!

This is most beneficial in the evening as your night time routine.  You can add a bit of Shea butter if you have extremely dry skin.
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