S45: Pumpkin Skincare Is A Treat!

Yes!  Pumpkin for your skin! Yummy!  Let me share with you all the benefits that pumpkin can add to your skin.

PUMPKIN is loaded with essential fatty acids! This means glowing skin for you because the enzymes in the pumpkin stimulate cell turnover. Sooo pumpkin (because of the natural enzymes)  will help slough off that dead skin and allow the younger new cells to surface.  What’s cell turnover or desquamation?  Shedding your dead skin cells and replacing them with brand new ones. Pumpkin is loaded with vitamins that your skin craves.  If you have dry, sun damaged skin or suffer from acne pumpkin may be a great addition to your skincare regiment.  By the way,  pumpkin helps with hyperpigmentation because of the vitamin T.  Pumpkin overall is a great healer because of the vitamin content and antioxidants.  I love the vitamin A in the pumpkin because this is a powerhouse in skincare by increasing the production of collagen for a more youthful appearance.  Consider adding pumpkin skincare if you suffer from acne because of its anti inflammatory properties.  Pumpkin skincare products control the oil in our skin and reduces pore size. Pumpkin is a powerhouse exfoliater because of those enzymes they actually behave  as alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) which helps the skin in becoming firmer and thicker.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen let’s make our very own enzyme rich pumpkin scrub.  As always, if you are under doctors care please consult with your primary physician before adding any new regiment. Always skin patch test!

Pumpkin Scrub for your face, elbows and feet

Organic Pumpkin (BPA free liner) 1 can (whole foods brand or farmers market)

Manuka Honey ( Active 16 Plus) 100% raw

Organic Milk

Organic Brown sugar

1.  4-5 Tablespoons of Pumpkin

2. 1-2 tablespoons of brown sugar

Mix pumkin and sugar  then add the following ingredients to your mixture and blend together.

3.  1 Tablespoon of manuka honey

4.  1.5  teaspoon of milk

Once blended  try a bit on the back of your hand to check for texture/consistency. If you have sensitive skin then you may want to lessen the amount of sugar .

Apply mixture to clean skin and be gentle.  Apply it in circular motion to cover all your skin EXCEPT your eye area because the sugar granules may find their way in your eyes and they hurt or could possibly injure your eye.    You may have to adjust this receipe to suit your preference but the end result will  be fabulous  skin! Continue with your normal skincare regiment.  This scrub is best used in the evening.

Skincare Talk Radio News 

Probiotics are “live microorganisms” and you may want to consider adding it to your diet AND applying it on your  skin. Why?  Many claim that it reduces the redness associated with rosacea and helps with inflammation of the skin.  Women from India have used tumeric and yogurt  (check out my show on  tumeric mask) on their face for decades. The probiotics that seem to benefit the skin:  Lactobasili and bifidobacterium.

Skincare Talk Radio Motivational Moments

Life events affect our skin! Don’t allow your life challenges to rob you of your inner beauty. It’s so easy to get  lost in our own troubles that we forget to take care of ourselves..  Take time for yourself to recharge your battery by writing, exercising, meeting with friends, a hobby -anything that relaxes you and brings you joy.

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S44: Underarm Rash Question

1.  Have you started waxing? Is the waxing operator using a different type of wax.

2.  Shaving?  New Lotion?

3.  Are you going through some  life challenges creating more stress.? Yes, stress can make you itchy!

4.  Hormonal shifts can make some of us itchy too.

5.   Wearing a different deodorant?

Listen to our program today for complete message.  Always partner with your physician.

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S43: Hand Hygiene

As winter quickly approaches colds and flu season begins to emerge its miserable head.   Did you know that over 200,000 people end up in a hospital room as a result of flu alone each year? My friends, the BEST deterrent to illness is the simple task of washing ones hands-frequently- throughout the day!  Yup! It’s that simple. Of course, you need to take other precautions and even then you just might catch a cold since you don’t live under a rock. right? You do, however, lower your risk tremendously by washing  your hands.

Today we learn how to effectively wash our hands. WHAT?!  Yes, there is a right way and a wrong way to wash your hands.  Who knew?  You will from this moment on.  So let’s wash our hands step by step because this is the best way to prevent the spreading of infections. We are going to remove the microbes from our hands.  We want to protect ourselves, loved ones and others. It’s part of being a responsible  human being.

SOAP and Water is best..

1.  Wet your hands FIRST –

2.  Add Soap.  Plain soap okay.  Nothing fancy.

3.   Wash your hands for 15 seconds.  Get under your nails even your wrists.  Sing happy birthday twice if you are teaching little children.

4.   Rinse your hands with cool or warm water.  Moisturize your skin.  Bacteria can  find itself into your skin through those small abrasions and then into your tissue.  Keeping your hands hydrated by moisturizing is important.

When should you wash your hands-OFTEN!

If you don’t have access to water most of the day then carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Sanitizers are certainly not my first choice but they will due until you get to soap and water. It is very important to make sure when using these hand sanitizers to rub until dry on your skin for it to be effective. If your hands are greasy they will not be as potent and remember that hand sanitizers DO NOT eliminate all the germs.

Always use a paper towel when turning off the faucet and opening the bathroom door as to not re-infect your hands.  Yup! As you can see there is a technique to all this but it works!

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The Holiday Grab Bag by Burt’s bees.  Great products at a great price.  Just passing along the information-I am not associated with Burt’s bees or any other company that I share with you.   

     Skincare Talk Motivating Moments: 

“You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.”
George Bernard Shaw

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S42: Urea In Our Skincare

Hi Everyone! Maintaining  healthy skin moisture can be a challenge most especially during the winter.  It’s important to recognize ingredients in your skincare that can help keep your skin in balance and healthy. We have spoken on the importance of humectants on this podcast and urea is one listed many labels.  Is urea an ingredient that you’ll be comfortable using?  Although, controversial,  let’s investigate the facts and then each one of us decide.  After all, knowledge is key in making the “right” choices for oneself.   When reading this or listening please be sure to keep in mind that you are in partnership with your medical practitioner.  Do not change or stop any medical regiment in place for you without consulting with your physician.

The amount of urea used is generally anywhere up to 10%  and for many be a skin irritant. Urea is used as a preservative and to soften the skin as a moisturizing agent. Your sweat is mainly water but also  contains a small amount of  urea and it’s function is more so to regulate body temperature.  The body eliminates urea once it’s done with it through urine.  The urea in our skincare is synthetic (man-made) so now let’s talk about urea in our skincare products.

Let’s say we are the manufacturer of a particular skin care product intended to hydrate the skin.   We want a reasonably lengthy shelf-life, the ability to keep moisture in the product and keep bacteria fungus from growing in the product.  Considered a buffering agent and weak acid ( helps in keeping the pH  of product as intended) and a humectant.  It is believed by many to be a carcinogenic due to it’s ability to release formaldehyde.  Even the FDA (when investigating “Brazilian style’ Keratin-based hair straighteners” considers the amount of  formaldehyde found  in the product to be a known carcinogenic.   The urea in our skincare products are suppose to be in small amounts as to NOT be a formaldehyde releaser.  It’s not uncommon to have parabens in the mix of it all when reading the ingredients list.  So what do I think?  It’s a preservative that actually does work in  retaining moisture and softening skin but it is for many a skin irritant and I rather not use it.  I read my labels and try to make intelligent choices If the product is a combination of different ingredients when reading the label, I put it back on the shelf.  It’s that simple for me.

Skincare Talk Radio NEWS:  SHEA BUTTER
Shea butter:  A fantastic moisturizer! Caution:  If you have a nut allergy you may want to double check with your primary physician before  using Shea butter products.  Shea butter (tree nut)  is found in Africa on the Karite Shea tree and it’s loaded with vitamins A, E, F and can be used on Acne or those individuals suffering from Eczema.  It also has essential fatty acids which are power tools of the skin  Amongst,  the many benefits Shea  may also act as an ant-inflammatory most useful in “anti aging” and for acne sufferers.  It hydrates and soothes your skin.  Just a yummy product all around but always skin patch test everything even raw Shea butter.   

Product Line:  Shea Moisture   does NOT use any parabens, phthalates, paraffin, formaldehyde, propylene glycol,  mineral oil, syntheitic fragrance, petrolatum, synthetic color, DEA, nor animal testing.  The palm oil used in their products are fair trade and environmentally friendly. Shea Moisture make every effort to secure that each ingredient harvested for their products is done so with” sustaining nature and our environment”  in mind. 

Skincare Talk Radio : Motivational Moments-

“I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful”- Author unknown

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S41: Eczema Skincare In the Winter

You feel uncomfortable in your skin and you want to feel better now!  This is Eczema Awareness month and today we will address issues concerning Eczema and different treatments that may help you during the winter months.  Eczema is not an easy disease to deal with and those suffering will  tell you that it affects there life on a daily basis. This is an inflammatory skin disease (Atopic dermatitis) and there is no cure but you can manage your eczema.

As we quickly approach the winter months individuals with eczema begin to experience flare ups because of the lack of humidity, dryness in the home (due to heating units) and the colder weather.  All these factors affect the skin and if you are experiencing flu’s and colds then the stress on he body will also encourage a flare up.

What can you do to alleviate the discomfort and manage your Eczema in the winter months?

1.  Follow your medical Rx from your physician/nurse practitioner and apply topical medications.

2.  You need to hydrate your skin more than usual . Your protective barrier is not functioning ( it is not retaining water as it should) at it’s best so you need to help it along to prevent  flare-ups. It is often described the skin is “leaky” meaning that your protection against irritants, pollutants, bacteria, microbes  has been weakened. You might have seen products described as “barrier products” which contain ceramides that replace our natural oils that seem to help. .

3.  Do not use hot water! Hot water dries out your skin.  Soaking your body in warm water for at least 30 minutes is important because it takes that much time to hydrate your skin.  Your best timer are your fingers-they should look “prune”  like and this will indicate you have been soaking the right time and you are done.

4. Emollients are very important to you because they alleviate the itchiness and soothe the skin. They create an oil barrier on the skin’s surface which helps trap moisture (water) underneath.  Consider adding organic oils into your bath  but please no fragrance.  Jojoba oil is really a wax but oh so good for your skin! It”s”oil” is similar to the one that our skin produces and you don’t have that “greasy” feel to it.  Almond oil helps some with the itchiness.  My son found success with Borage oil! They are little black seeds that are pressed for it’s oil which turns out to be an essential fatty acid (gamma linoleic acid) .  One of the best products on the market (in my opinion) and (most especially my son who has learned to manage eczema) is Shikai Borage Therapy for dry skin (fragrance free). It’s an amazing product and I love it! Make sure that you apply your moisturizing lotion immediately after your bath when skin is moist. By the way, Shikai also have a children’s lotions-fast relief for itchy and red skin.   Use a baby soft wash towel to pamper and baby your skin.  Your skin is already irritated and you don’t want to further disturb it. Remember that fragrance for anyone is an irritant most especially for those with inflammatory skin conditions.  Remember stress plays a big impact on flare ups and a nice relaxing bath not only hydrates you but de-stresses you.  Go ahead and place your favorite music in the background and soak for 30 minutes.  Your skin and mind will love it!  Your mositurizer should be one that you like and will use on a consistent basis.   Suggestion:  A soothing warm and relaxing bath twice a day during winter.

3.  Shea butter- so yummy and wonderful for your skin.  It contains Vitamins A, E, and other beneficial vitamins that you skin requires in this time of healing but you must check with your doctor before using Shea butter and anyone with a nut allergy.

Over the counter cremes that your physician may have recommended:  Cetaphil moisturizing creme, Eucerin or Aquaphor.

4.  The larger and thicker areas you may want to include occlusive dressing which can treat moderate to severe conditions. .  Occlusion where you apply a topical product and cover it with a waterproof dressing or plastic wrap may help with absorption but this is designed only to thicker areas of the body. You must do this under supervised care.   Check with your doctor before adding any additional therapy. Itchiness is addressed by hydrating your skin but if it becomes unbearable speak to your doctor.

5.  Check for food allergies. Follow your gut instincts as a parent and monitor your child’s response.   Remember that not all food allergies manifest themselves right away. Milk is quite often a culprit for young children and can make eczema worse.  Consider substituting  Oat milk and read your ingredients label.  Always check with your Physician!



For More Information: http://nationaleczema.org/get-involved/







S40: UVB rays, SPA week And Motivating Moments.

In our last podcast, I shared an additional Ultraviolet Ray -C- and this is absorbed by our ozone layer so it does not penetrate our atmosphere. We called UVA rays having “long” arms meaning that it has a long wave.  UVB has a short wave and this is the one that likes to burn.  If you are out in the sun too long UVB rays will give you a  sunburn. We are now entering the cooler weather and UVB rays weaken BUT you still have to wear your sunscreen for UVA and UVB rays.  UVB rays are responsible for cancer too.  UVA and UVB  are the damaging duo that you need to protect yourself from 365 days a year.  This is why it is not enough to apply sunscreen only in the morning and expect to be protected all day.  Sunscreens are regulated as -over the counter (OTC) drugs by the United States Food And Drug Administration (FDA).

Remember:  UVA will AGE you quicker and UVB will give you a sunburn.  UVB rays will burn and are considered to be more of a carcinogenic than UVA.  These rays however do not penetrate through our windows as do UVA.    Listen to episode S39 and learn how to protect yourself.


Spa Week is an event that takes place twice a year within many fabulous spa locations throughout North America. Specifically, in April and October. This an opportunity to enjoy a special treat at one of those fancy spa locations and all for $50.  Yup! the spa’s offer 2-3 services that you can choose from and enjoy for $50.  Spa Week  runs from  October 20-26, 2014 and you can visit:  http://www.spaweek.com/ and simply enter your location and then choose the SPA that calls to you! A wonderful retreat at an incredible price!

Skincare Talk Radio Introduces “Motivating Moments” Just For You. 

“No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.”
Eleanor Roosevelt-

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S39: WARNING! Winter Solar Radiation/UV-A

Our skincare conversation today:  All about UVA Radiation.  There are three types of ultraviolet rays that I  will be  covering in  the next two episodes:

Ultraviolet (UV) rays -A -B-C.  Many people don’t realize that a C type exists and we  are going to learn all about it right here. Let’s break this subject apart and arm ourselves with knowledge. These days the sun  has longer arms  to reach you EVEN during the winter months!  What does that mean! UVA rays can penetrate through your windows while driving or at home and work.  Have you heard of “asymmetrical facial damage”? Let’s say you go to your work place and sit by that nice sunny window day in and out without sun protection.  The side of your face and unexposed side of your body will reflect sun damage by more premature aging, wrinkles and even sagging.  You will have this damage more prominent on one side than the other!  The simple practice of placing sunscreen on and repeating the action throughout the day can prevent this type of premature aging most especially on the side facing the sun.  Yes! UVA radiation can take hold of you ever so quietly penetrating deeper and creating more damage than the other rays.  You see all UV rays are not created equal! Yes, they will all hurt you but these rays do so differently.  I used the phrase “longer arms” when opening this show because I want you to remember that UVA rays are longer and can penetrate deeper than the other rays. The inner most layer of our skin is referred to as the basal and this is where most of skin cancer begins.  Both UVA and UVB  rays can initiate skin cancer.  You must protect yourself 365 days a year from the sun! By the way, UVA rays can absolutely burn your skin. Sunburn is UV-B’s  job which as you know hurts the out side  but UV-A can burn deep into the layers of your skin. Here is something else about UV-A rays-they are the cause of serious eye problems/disorders such as cataracts,  inflammation of the cornea, and other inflammatory eye conditions.  The rays here again penetrate deep into the eyes. Melanoma skin cancer are dark lesions in the skin that can spread. UVA rays are responsible for this type of cancer. The number one method to avoid pre-mature aging  and prevention of skin cancer is to use your sunscreen daily.  At least 90-95% of skin cancer are a result of sun damage. Check yourself every month (wear your birthday suit) for any unusual marks, spots, discolorations or bleeding  on your entire skin. Yes, your skin is unlike any other organ in your body but it is an organ just the same and the largest one at that! So take your time and look at yourself naked and don’t be shy because your life can depend on it.

What do you need to do to protect yourself from this form of energy?

1.  Although, we are concentrating on what UVA rays do -you must use a sunscreen that reads:

BROAD SPECTRUM-This means that you have protection from UVA and UVB.

2. Apply generously all over-exposed to the sun-skin.

3. Wear protective clothing if you will be out doors.  Even when out in the snow you can get a sun burn.

4.  Don’t use tanning beds!

5.   Use a Sun protection Factor (SPF) of 15 or 30 and above.  Reapply sunscreen  every two hours.  Water resistance.

6.   I adore the sun and attend to my little garden before 10am for some unprotected sun.  I like my vitamin D the old fashion way so a little sun my skin enjoys too.   I am not suggesting that you stop any vitamin supplements prescribed by your physician.  Partner with your physician before you add or change anything to your skin/health regiment. Exfoliate.

7.  Sunscreens are actually monitored or better said “regulated” by the Food and drug administration ( FDA).  The chemicals in the sunscreens are quite controversial.  There is an urging from many groups that address oncology issues (in particular) to provide more data in regards to the safety of sunscreens. After all, we have been urged to use them continuously throughout the day and must be assured of the products safety.

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S38: How To Use Olive Oil As A Moisturizer



Softens Skin especially on the rough patches such as your heels or elbows. These areas sometimes go unattended and they can get very dry too. Use Olive Oil as a face cleanser. Olive Oil is an anti inflammatory which is great for smoothing out wrinkles.A wonderful make Up remover!  Mix it in with Castor Oil. The yummy nutrients in Olive Oil have a cellular renewing power.  Rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants which keep those free radicals that cause aging. Two Tablespoons everyday is not only great for your skin but also adds health benefits and improves memory too.

One of the best lip conditioners so use this instead of over the counter chemical laced products. Olive Oil actually penetrates the skin and prevents sagging due to the squalene which  brings forth a gorgeous glow and keeps your skin well-toned.Rub Olive Oil on those stretch marks along with the coconut butter that we talked about yesterday!  Powerful combination to minimize stretch marks.

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Olive Oil



S37: Beautiful Skin Over 70



Keep It simple.  Keep it budget friendly.

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