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CR-165: What is R O S A C E A?

**Always Skin Patch test everything and partner with your medical practitioner before adding or changing any medical plan already in place for you. Also referred to as Acne Rosacea.

**If you are pregnant be especially careful –even– “natural” that the ingredients don’t affect you during this time of your life.

What’s Rosacea?

An inflammatory and chronic skin disease and condition quite often misdiagnosed affecting women more than men. Areas affected most commonly is the face, cheeks, chin and the forehead.  As many of you know, my mantra is “sunscreen” 365 days a year, most especially for the person suffering from rosacea. You are most sensitive to the sun rays so sunscreen, hat and sunglasses are a must for you. Your job with any inflammatory skin condition is to avoid injury to the skin. Be mindful of those “triggers” that affect you. Each time you introduce a trigger the blood vessels dilate. Avoiding these triggers is the first step in managing the symptoms. Stress is one of those triggers so include the healing arts such as meditation. Healing involves a great deal of “you” taking charge. On skincare Talk Radio, I have mentioned to rosacea sufferers to be careful with temperature changes and when working out at the gym. Another subject you may want to address with your doctor is the possibility of being Lactose intolerant……..(full message on podcast) Thanks!

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