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Thank you for your interest in being a guest presenter! Delighted to share my platform with you.  We’re all about education, empowerment and community! Our guest directory has been included on this page. See Below! Thanks!

  1.  Here is the Vocaroo online recorder or use your own as long as it’s in MP3 format.
  2.  Send a little bio and one image if you wish.
  3.  Here is an example of : A Guest Presentation

Have fun! You don’t need to be perfect but do send your presentation edited. We do not edit your work. Please share out podcast and we will share your work as well!

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Guest Presentation Directory

S-481: The Highly Sensitive Esthetician & Work. Our Guest-Lisa Hutchison LMHC

S-480: Facial Exercise with Our Guest Deborah Tosline

S-476: Body Scrubs-“Hey Sugar”. Fall Guest Presentation 2017

S-475: Toye Johnson Vincent-Networking for the Skincare Professional

S-474: Living Pure Natural. A Fabulous Guest Presentation!

S-471: The Alluring Alchemist-Fall Guest Presentation 2017

S-260: Our Guest: Marina Arnold, Registered Nurse. “Protecting Our Skin”. Excellent Presentation!

S-344: Urban Pollution & its Affect On The Skin Presented by Dr. Brei Founder of NuVsio Start pure.

S-278: Our Guest: Lorraine Dallmeier of Formula Botanica

S-401: Botanically Based Beauty-Guest: Founder Of The Granola Goat, Liz Cardwell

S-342: Carmen Milagro Founder of Borbon Skincare

S-355: Linda Harding-Bond, President of Moontide Consulting shares tips for the Skincare Professional

S-350: Our Guest: Melissa Rau Co-Founder of M&C Naturals

S-172: Meet Amelia Our Graphic Artist and “Branding” Talk

S-190: Our Guest: JoAnn Heaton explains “Hair Sugaring” A Natural Alternative To Waxing

S-351: Emma Coleman Founder Of Inner-Soul Organics

S-253: Author: Deborah Tosline- Skin Remodeling DIY – An Introduction to the Underground World of Do-It-Yourself Skin Care

S-184: Our Guest: Sandy “Homestead Soap & Spa”

S-196: Our Guest: Jasmin Bretana- Social Media & Public Relations Specialist

S-179: Our Guest: Danielle Collins-The Face Yoga Expert

S-170: Our Guest Kendra From Masterpiece Beauty

S-245: ASMR and Skin Health-Our Guest Somni