How To Be A Guest

1.  Use this online recorder or your own.

2.  Wait 1-2 seconds and begin your message. Kindly submit edited. Take your time.

Write out your thoughts on paper and use it during your recording.

3.  You have ten minutes of content sharing and then 5 minutes to let our community know where they continue the conversation with you. A Total of 15 minutes.

4. Cieloscent- the podcast host will send you one to three questions for you to answer.

5.  These instructions are for Skincare Talk Radio AND/OR Cieloscent Talk Radio

6.  This is not interview format. This is your podcast recording.

7.  We include your message throughout our platforms and on our guest catalog.

8.  Our Guests Are By Invitation only

Have fun! We want this to be a fabulous podcast experience!


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Update January 2020