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“Skincare and  many other things-☆☆☆☆☆ I was just listening to your podcasts, and the word brilliant popped into my mind. All three! GO GIRL does not even start to define it. Thank you!!! via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 11/25/20🇬🇧

-“I am SO GRATEFUL that I came across this podcast! Cieloscent is an expert in the field of skincare and beauty oils, and as a formulator  I value her opinion and greatly appreciate the time she takes to address questions personally and professionally. Her passion is to really empower and educate people in the skincare field so they can move ahead successfully in their business…..” (Apple Podcast Review) 

“Love -☆☆☆☆☆- I have only just discovered this & I love it!!! How can I listen to earlier podcasts? xx 🇬🇧 via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 08/10/20

“I really enjoyed listening to her in the morning starting with education and soothing with her words of wisdom and calm voice !” Apple Podcasts Review. USA -4/20″

“❤️❤️ She has the best information and such a relaxing voice. Thanks to Somni rosei for leading me to this wonderful fountain of information. As an esthetician this content is gold! Apple USA 3/20

  Great information and so soothing. I stumbled upon this podcast and let me tell you, such a breath of fresh air. I feel so at ease when I listen, like I have a cup of tea and my cool wise aunt is telling me all her secrets. If you are interested in learning the in’s and outs of skin care In a relaxed way, this is such a perfect choice!

One of the most informative podcasts-I enjoy the information and presentation of your podcast. You are very inspiring. I have been listening to it for almost a year now, thank you so much for doing what you do and for your time. Sincerely one of the best podcasts out there”. 4/2019-Apple Podcasts

Love your channel! You are truly unique!! Hi Cieloscent just want to say how helpful and amazing your Channel is! Every single episode I enjoy SO MUCH. I would love to know if you have an Instagram page to follow along. Thank you for all the inspiration!! I have never been into exercise but now I enjoy taking long walks while I listen to your great advice! Apple Podcasts USA-2019

“Thank you!! I came across your Podcast by accident, and I am so glad I did! I heard about 6 hours of your Podcast while at work! I love the information you share with us. Thank you!!”. (Apple Podcast- 5/31/2019)

Love her!! I’m only 14 but I always listen cause I’m getting to care more about my skin and want to be a esthetician but I will continue to keep listening 🙂  Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 05/05/16)

Inspiring Podcast! As a skin care and cosmetic tattoo professional, I find comfort in Cieloscent’s podcast! She brings an authentic freshness to the table and continues to educate me every time I tune in. I love her wisdom in -not only- the holistic arena but the skincare arena. She speaks from the heart, and her passion for the art of skincare is felt every time I hear her soothing voice. I love learning from Cieloscent; she is enlightening!” -Rose / Apple Podcast-USA 09/09/2019

  “ What a gift! Discovering this podcast has led to many great recommendations for my skin. I adore my hour spent listening to this podcast…” USA -Apple Podcasts.

 Thank you. I have missed listening to your podcast since my son was born 9 months ago. Life has been so hectic and I have finally found some time to listen to a few episodes here and there. I am so grateful for all your help during and before my pregnancy. Your podcast always makes me feel welcome and there is a real sense of community!! Love all your tips, reviews and everything else!! Thank you for all that you do!!”  Apple Podcast United Sates 2019

  5 stars “Amazing Content! So Helpful and genuine!”.  Apple Podcasts-USA  1/16/19

  5 Stars “Great-Love hearing more nature and organic focused skincare tips and the fact you have science backed information to help us glow! Keep it up! “.  Apple Podcasts/New Zealand

Amazing podcast- Really enjoyed listening today out on my 8 mile walk. Good content. Just followed on Twitter too” 😀 Apple Podcast USA  -2019

5 stars –Wonderful Knowledge and Truth. “You often thank your listeners but really- thank you- for dedicating your time and knowledge to Podcast and your listeners. I have been listening for about a year now and have recommended you to my friends and my mom. I’ve learned so much from you and I’m always excited to hear your thoughts and opinions on products. It’s refreshing knowing that you do not accept sponsorships, so we know we’re getting your true opinion. I could go on and on. Such a kind soul. Keep doing what you’re doing!”.  Apple Podcasts United States 2019

-“You are such a strong, viable voice in the green community! Like you said, SHARING – it’s for all of us to empower everyone with information! Thank you so much for including me with these other amazing ladies. I have nothing but love & respect for you – Your support means so much! Just one video in, you are truly a motivator to keep on going 🙂Much love-“. (Website Comment)

5Stars:” Love This Podcast!  I have been listening to this podcast for a while, and I have really enjoyed the content. It’s information, and holistic based, which I really appreciate. I look forward to all her episodes! “. Athena D via Apple Podcasts-USA-01/22/19

Addicting! You are absolutely addicting, just by listening I feel younger. Thank you!”.  (Website comment-Episode 633/Healthy Habits For Healthy Aging/Under Eye Moisturizer).

Thank you Cieloscent! Skincare Talk Radio is my favorite podcast. I know I will have a good day whenever Cieloscent releases a new episode. Cieloscent is a true wealth of information concerning all things related to green beauty. But, her podcast provides much more than that. As Cieloscent often says, Skincare Talk Radio is above all a community, a fact which shines through in the many guest presenters featured on the podcast. Cieloscent—with all of her grace, kindness, humor, and understanding—has created something very powerful here. Keep up the truly excellent work, dear heart!”.  5/2019-Apple Podcast.

-“Hello Cieloscent, I want to say how much I love your podcast especially the one about introducing children to holistic skincare! Introducing Holistic Skincare To Children #538.  I wanted to know if you are willing to make a podcast about self-care for moms & why is so important for moms to take care of themselves…”. (Website)  Self-Care For Moms-#547 

“Great Skincare Tips.  listen to this podcast on a daily basis. She describes skincare tips and routines, is very informative and gently speaks making is easy to follow. I’m always jotting down notes and have learned a lot!” Apple Podcasts 2019 United States”

-“What a beautiful and genuine woman with so much to offer…skincare tips, holistic habits, and enlightening tidbits about everything in between. Her absolutely angelic voice is just a bonus!”. (Apple Podcast Review)

-I was truly honored to learn that Linda Harding Bond, Founder of Moontide Consulting based in Bangkok had mentioned our community as one of her favorite podcasts in the Pulse SPA Magazine October 2017 by Bel SPA – issuu .  Pages 40-41. Ms. Linda, thank you so much for sharing our community!

-“Thank you for the fantastic podcast! I appreciate all your knowledge on this topic and can’t wait to hear more upcoming ones on the subject of skincare penetration. I always learn tons from you! As a formulator, this info is priceless!” (website)

“My Favorite Podcast- Cieloscent is a wealth of information, and has so many fabulous tips. I really love her podcast and she has the most calming and soothing voice. I always look forward to a new episode! Thank you Cieloscent!!!  (Apple Podcast Review)

-“Skincare Talk Radio-Featuring dermatologists, estheticians, and skin care specialists chiming in with expert advice, this podcast is great if you’re looking to enhance your skin care knowledge (or complexion). With new episodes released almost daily, there’s an abundance of research, product reviews, and tips to take in. (StyleCaster) “5 Beauty Podcasts To Make your Morning Commute More Bearable by Leah Faye Cooper”.

-“Cieloscent is absolutely Divine. Great to listen to during your drive to work and school. Her personality is nurturing and her natural approach is great. I just subscribed and I find her podcasts more informational in such a small amount of time. As someone who has skin care concerns, I’m glad to have found something consistent with information. I’m attempting to build a reliable skincare routine and I know this podcast will help me do that!”. (apple Podcast review)

-“Skincare Talk Radio is an amazing and informative podcast really goes into skincare and skin health and is a great listen”. (Apple Podcast Review)

-“Great show! Informative, interesting and sweet personality. love the voice.” (Stitcher Radio-Listener Comment)

-“I find myself constantly saying,”yes! and raising my hand while listening to this podcast. The advice is great, Cieloscent’s voice is incredibly soothing and her information is easy to understand. I’m so happy, I found this podcast!” . (Apple Podcast Review)

-“I one day found out about Cieloscent by searching on my podcast app on my phone Skincare. I came across Skincare Talk Radio and thought about just checking it out to see. I couldn’t believe how quickly I fell in love with these podcasts! I was listening to one podcast to the next of Skincare Talk Radio. I left feeling at ease, empowered and gained more knowledge than ever about Skincare. Cieloscent provides a warm touch to this podcast that welcomes anyone to come and listen. Nothing complicated here. Easy going podcast that anyone can learn from”. (Stitcher Radio-Listener comment)

-” Very good advice! Love your podcast” ( Website)

-“Great Job on your first book may there be many more too come, may God Bless you….love you girl from the other side of the world.” (Apple Podcast Review)

-“I had so much fun traveling with you!!! A NEW OIL! AMAZING, was so excited to hear about this plant extract, especially coming from you. YES – check your sources! Thanks for that little side note 😉.”(Website)

-“I was lucky enough to discover Skincare Talk Radio when I began esthetics school, and it has been my source of reliable skincare info and holistic alternatives, ever since.  As a new esthetician struggling to find answers to career/product questions, I emailed Cieloscent, not only did she respond to my lengthy emails, she also answered my question on the podcast! I trust Skincare…”. Apple Podcast Review

-“Thank you Cieloscent for responding back in a podcasts. It means a lot. ❤️🌻”.(Website)

-“Thank you so much Cieloscent for all your life wisdom and skin knowledge I am so grateful to have found your most beautiful voice talking on the SKINCARE TALK podcast now I listen to all three you are my sister in Christ Jesus name thanks again for all your advice love you girl….”. (Website)

-“Hi my friend I love love love your skin talk words of wisdom thank you so much by the way I be listening all the time God Bless you and I love you….”.(website)

-“Hands down the most soothing and informative podcast I have encountered! I started listening because it was so calming and now I’m super into skincare because of everything I have learned! Thank you so much, cieloscent! …..”. (Apple Podcast Review)

-“Wow- now I am 100% finished listening. I am speechless… which is rare! We are truly meant to cross paths! Everything you said hit a note. It’s true, on social media – it’s defeating. But getting your one “like” etc… that day always lifts me. I wish we would all work together – not against each other. It’s forging these types of relationships that keep me going. You are always one of my positives 🙂 THANK YOU – thank you for everything!!! I just can’t express it enough – or show my gratitude…… it’s amazing to know others do actually appreciate all the work xo”.” (Website)

-“You kindness is contagious! …. 😉 xoxoxoxoxo.”. (Website)

Thank you Cieloscent! Skincare Talk Radio is my favorite podcast. I know I will have a good day whenever Cieloscent releases a new episode. Cieloscent is a true wealth of information concerning all things related to green beauty. But, her podcast provides much more than that. As Cieloscent often says, Skincare Talk Radio is above all a community, a fact which shines through in the many guest presenters featured on the podcast. Cieloscent—with all of her grace, kindness, humor, and understanding—has created something very powerful here. Keep up the truly excellent work, dear heart!” Apple Podcasts USA. 2019

-“Hello Cieloscent, I want to say how much I love your podcast….”. (Website)

-“Thank you for this episode! I’m 26 and I’ve just had my 2nd baby boy. I’m a stay at home mom attending esthetics school on the weekends. I find it sooo difficult to stay eating healthy yet alone eating plant based. I feel always rushed, tired & end up forgetting to eat since I’m so busy with school and feeding my babies. I then end up “HUNGRY”…. I tend to over think everything and make things complicated for myself when it comes to meal prepping. I’ve on a number of occasions filled my fridge with veggies and fruits and they’ve gone bad. I feel like this has noticed me to try again. So thank you! I love every episode I have listened to so far and I like when you say that your talking to us as if you were our sister, cousin, auntie, besty. Because you really do sound like my auntie who is also from New York haha! I’ve learned a lot from you! So thank you again!”.(website)

-“Thank you for sharing this. I have struggled for years with my Keratosis Pilaris and it has gotten in the way of quite a few moments that were meant to be rather special. I do agree that a link exists between the mind and the skin. I will incorporate this in my writing”. (website)

-“So Happy, I found your podcasts! I adore the information you share….Thank you for all you do and inspire in me”. (Apple Podcast)

-“That almond milk sounds yummy ….– I loved hearing about all your snacks, including that rice! Your voice is always so soothing I love listening to you dear- & LEARNING xo”. (website)

-“Listening to iHeart Radio. I decided to search for a skincare radio station and I was amazed to find skincare Talk Radio…….!”. (Apple Podcasts Review)

-“The info is great and voice is relaxing…”. (Stitcher Radio-Listener comment)

-“It’s such a wonderful thing that there are programs out there such as skin care talk radio who care about educating the public on holistic skin care methods. I love the message and the information. keep them coming!❤️🌱”. (Apple Podcast Review)

-“Most amazing and life impacting pod casts I have listened to over the last 2 months. I am an esthetic student and she has already taken me to the next level. Educator and Ignitor for sure. Looking forward to more.” (Apple Podcast Review)

-“I look forward to hearing your podcasts. Awesome”. (Apple Podcast Review)

“Entertains & Educational-I’ve been looking for a beauty podcast that is informative & educational on natural products. The presenter is easy & fun to follow along with their guests.”                             (Apple Podcast/USA-10/2018)

I look forward to your podcasts!!! Thank you!!!! So inspiring!!!
Leahsfave via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 11/17/18
This is the first podcast of yours l listened to. It is very informative and interesting and makes a lot of sense. I have gone through many health issues over the past 16 years. Look forward to hearing some of previous ones. (Website comment Show #694) 2019
I wish you could be my esthetician teacher.. Thank you for all your useful information
 Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 11/16/18
I’ve been looking for a beauty podcast that is informative and educational on natural products. The presenter is easy and fun to follow along with their guests.
Wanshan2 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 10/28/18

One of my favorite content creators Angie from surprised me by sharing our community on her 100th episode! I was sipping my tea and watching the video when all of the sudden Ms. Angie begins to say such lovely words about her experience with our community.  Thanks Angie, I really was truly touched!!  This is from her blog but do check out her you tube channel too!  Angie says:   “NUMBER #1! CIELOSCENT from SkincareTalkRadio! #1 podcaster for skincare. Her 500th episode was dedicated to introducing my brand & channel! I can’t thank this woman enough!

See all her skin education podcast bearing titles like:

  • Makeup Artistry-Plumping Skin Before Makeup
  • Botanical Oils and shelf life
  • Eczema and pregnancy
  • Essential Oils & Diffusers Always super educated on all topics. Plus, she has a very soothing voice! Unlike my hyper Canadian self here. Just see the tagline on her site: EDUCATION, EMPOWERMENT, COMMUNITY. Those beautiful words represent Cieloscent, sincerely in a nutshell! Please, go see her holistic skincare FREE conversations……”

“Excellent 5 stars-This podcast is great!! A wealth of knowledge” (Apple Podcast Review)

Oops! Here’s a review where someone felt the great need to share how they don’t like my voice. Your voice matters here too so I share your review. The listener writes  “Baby Voice-I had to unsubscribe. I can’t take the baby voice AND the accent combo. (Paris.FR via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 04/17/16).”

Simply Shaiz wrote a lovely post about our community. She began a gratitude chain! Read entire lovely article! The Gratitude Chain By Simply Shaiz Beautiful! Thank you dear Simply Shaiz!!  Cieloscent-

“I discovered you when you had your Twitter public bc I wanted to see if there was any radio for skincare & I now adore your podcasts…”. (Website Comments)

  “Skin at its best” “I listen to your podcasts as I work. I am a letter carrier and walk 18 km a day. Your calming sweet voice always makes my day brighter. I learn so much from you using pure natural ingredients. My 51 year old skin thanks you. (Apple Podcasts · Canada · 05/24/18)

“Really Fun To Listen” : “Fun, informative and inspirational talks delivered in a soothing and loving voice. This is the sort of thing one would take to a desert island if they had to stay there more than one day!”.(Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 05/09/18)

“Well . My Friend Kerri Recommended This To Me And I Want To Say Its Super Awesome . Its Great Knowledge To learn About And Helpful . Podcast Is Welcoming And Warm To Anyone Who Enters .She Provides Education into The Skincare World In An Easy , Fun And Relaxed Way Too . I liked it Alot . Keep Up…”(Apple Podcasts · Egypt · 01/19/18)

“I’m writing this review on behalf of Kerri. Skincare Talk Radio has awakened me in gaining knowledge about skincare which before I neglected to care about. Cieloscent’s podcast is welcoming and warm to anyone who enters. Women and men! She provides education into the skincare world in an easy,…” . (Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 01/19/18)

“Informative and Helpful” . “I knew some details about shelf life but this podcast so informative I’ve learnt so much more! ( Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 01/19/18)

“Cieloscent is an INFORMATIVE & GRACIOUS Host of SkinCare Talk Radio! I had the distinct opportunity of being a guest on SkinCare Talk Radio in October 2017. My Topic: Networking for Business and Beyond! Cieloscent instructions on how to be a guest on the show and how to be a successful guest…”( Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 10/22/17)

“I’ve learnt so much from listening to your podcasts, your clear explanations, your passion, absolutely fab! Thank you!”. (Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 08/26/17)

“So happy I found your podcasts! I adore the information you share, I am especially grateful you spoke about Juice Beauty! I found my favorite foundation. Thank you for all you do and inspire in me”.(Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 07/30/16)

“Informative Talk Radio-I have listened to Skincare Talk Radio for some time now and must say it is a very informative show with a very knowledgeable and relatable talk show host Cieloscent. It is a pleasure to listen to her pleasant and soothing voice explaining how we can keep out skin looking its best. Thank you so…”(Apple Podcasts · Canada · 05/13/16)

“Informative and enjoyable!” -This is a great podcast. Cieloscent is a very knowledgeable and likeable host. I often find these podcasts relaxing to listen to. I’ve learned a lot about holistic skincare and areas of skincare that don’t relate to me right now – advice for esthetician students – because I find it so interesting…”.(Apple Podcasts · Australia · 01/30/16)

“A Wonderful and relaxing Listen- A relaxing, informative and caring podcast. Loads of great information about all aspects of skincare and delivered in an easy to listen to, calming package. My skin feels better just from listening . . .” .(Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 01/13/16)

Such a beautiful voice-This is by far, one of the best podcasts out there on skincare. When you hear Cieloscent’s voice, it’s as if she’s right there with you, having a one on one conversation with you on skincare. This podcast is a must for everyone who loves learning about skincare. Highly educational, humorous, and…”.(Apple Podcasts · Canada · 07/12/15)

Our Books From all three podcasts -Cieloscent Talk Network. A few reviews-

“Since reading this precious book, I’ve recommended Jojoba Oil to my mum and she is loving it! When she had her last cancer, due to the chemotherapy, her body stopped producing melanin, and was left with extremely sensitive skin. We are both very grateful Cieloscent!”. Book Review-

“If you’re at your wits end with your skin or you simply are reviving your skin care regimen, this is a MUST HAVE book! It’s a primer to giving you all the information you need to start your organic skincare journey. this book, coupled with listening to Skincare Talk Radio is that necessary first step into customizing your very own skincare regimen! I’m beginning the journey after years of skin issues and use this book as a required resource! Thank you, Ms. Cieloscent for a fantastic resource book, for this mom on the go! Already my skin is improving!”. Book Review-

“What a great, wonderful little book to me full of skin care secrets and treasures! Cieloscent’s radio show/podcast is my favorite thing to listen to and so I couldn’t help treating myself to the book. I love everything about it, I only wish I could hear her soothing voice reading it to me! Maybe someday! I look forward to purchasing many more of these as they come out. Thank you so much!”. Book Review-

“Lovely audio book! Such a joy to listen to and an excellent source of information. I find that every minute counts and audio books allows me to “read” in so many situations where before I wouldn’t have attempted to …on an escalator, a busy tube, walking in the street…I’m still a paper book girl, but I do love an audio book. Thank you for this one Skincare Talk Radio (Cieloscent)”. Book Review-

“I loved this book! It’s cute little size made it easy to read in one sitting, yet it’s packed with so many great tips and topics for achieving great skin! Super job Skincare Talk Radio and I will be eagerly awaiting the next one in the series! Thank you for sharing all your knowledge!”. Book Review-

A Lovely review by Kerri of the blog: everydaylifegirl 2016/08/06/ “must-read-healthy-habits-for-healthy-skin”.   Thank you dear Kerri!

“I’m a relapsed Catholic, who is still learning to pray. This marvelous book, will help me do just that, learn to pray. Thank you Cieloscent, especially for teaching me how to pray to St. Anthony!. Book Review-


Helena says:

This is so brilliant! It is so much better to pray with a friend than alone, especially a friend on the same “airwave”. Thank you! 🌸 (

  1. Thank you for praying with me, dear friend! Yes, I agree it is far better to pray together than alone. “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” Mathew 18:20. Have a peaceful and beautiful day! Sending peace and smiles your way!

    In Christ’s Love,