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S-344: Urban Pollution & its Affect On The Skin Presented by Dr. Brei Founder of NuVsio Start pure.

S-260: Our Guest: Marina Arnold, Registered Nurse. “Protecting Our Skin”. Excellent Presentation!

S-355: Linda Harding-Bond, President of Moontide Consulting shares tips for the Skincare Professional

S-542: Aristotle Founder of Living Pure Natural shares the benefits of Mastic

S-278: Our Guest: Lorraine Dallmeier of Formula Botanica

S-637: The Happiness Coach by Kerri- Fabulous Guest Presentation!

S-608: Our Guest -Keziah Founder of Simply Shaiz

S-612: Our Guest Somni Author Of “Flowers In Your Hair” YouTube channel

S-623: Keep Your Career Moving Forward. Fall 2018 Guest Presentation: Toye Johnson-Vincent

S-200: Our Guest: Audrey & Josh From Kid Licks (Edible Nail Polish)

S-401: Botanically Based Beauty-Guest: Founder Of The Granola Goat, Liz Cardwell

S-277: Our Guest: Dr. Brei Explains The Science Of Ingredients On The Skin

S-342: Carmen Milagro Founder of Borbon Skincare

S-476: Body Scrubs-“Hey Sugar”. Fall Guest Presentation 2017

S-609: Nuvsio Start Pure by Dr. Elena Brei

S-610: Bryanna Founder Of The Ecological

S-481: The Highly Sensitive Esthetician & Work. Our Guest-Lisa Hutchison LMHC

S-350: Our Guest: Melissa Rau Co-Founder of M&C Naturals

S-474: Living Pure Natural. A Fabulous Guest Presentation!

S-179: Our Guest: Danielle Collins-The Face Yoga Expert

S-245: ASMR and Skin Health-Our Guest Somni

S-471: The Alluring Alchemist-Fall Guest Presentation 2017

S-351: Emma Coleman Founder Of Inner-Soul Organics

S-196: Our Guest: Jasmin Bretana- Social Media & Public Relations Specialist

S-613: Aloha Jenn’s Beauty Blog-Over Fabulous 40 Skincare Tips!

S-190: Our Guest: JoAnn Heaton explains “Hair Sugaring” A Natural Alternative To Waxing

S-170: Our Guest Kendra From Masterpiece Beauty

S-184: Our Guest: Sandy “Homestead Soap & Spa”