S31: Male Waxing.



It’s not just a “woman” thing anymore people! Waxing is for -almost- anyone who desires it.  Certain medical conditions do not allow it.  This is why you MUST have a consultation each time prior to a waxing session. People with varicose veins, diabetes, acne, infections, rashes, poor circulation, cancer therapy,  HIV positive and those using keratolytics such as Retin-A or any other cream medication should avoid waxing. If your skin is broken or if you are on any type of antibiotic wait until your wound has healed and you are off medication. Did you know that antibiotics may influence the pH-(potential hydrogen) value of your skin? Normal: 5.0-6.0.  Do not drink coffee, smoke  or consume alcohol prior to waxing this will make your skin very sensitive. In all waxing procedures area will be cleaned and baby powder/corn starch will be used to keep areas dry. There are lots of hairless gentlemen walking among us ladies. There has been an amazing demand for men to wax even their unmentionables.  Men bodybuilders have been removing their hair for years. Did you know that the “bikini” or male “Brazilian” version waxing  is on the rise for the gentlemen?  There still are women out there who insist on their man being hairy.

Why?    Men who work outdoors in the summer or in a hot environment find it more comfortable without the excess hair.  Personal  hygiene and for esthetics is another reason.  Maybe because it is the “trendy” thing to do for some. Male grooming is taken quite serious and this includes manicures, pedicures, facials, spa and yes waxing.  Men want to look clean neat, and attractive especially when at the beach and of course naked. One of the reasons why men and women prefer waxing to other hair removal  because it will last longer..  Time between waxing sessions vary but generally three to seven weeks depending what hair you are removing.

What?    Some men wax everything! Brows, nose, ear,  chest, back, underarms, legs, bikini, Brazilian, and some men include between waxing  between the cheeks.  Yup! You did read last one correctly and we will talk about all of these types of waxing.


Brows: I suggest tweezing instead.  There are lots of “brow bars” that will create a more natural look than waxing but the choice is yours.  The skin technician will prepare the skin by cleaning the area first by removing any excess oil and dirt. Before waxing he/she will trim just a bit and brush your eyebrows to define shape.

Nose and ear waxing: Hurts!  Hard wax is used which hardens very fast.  Skin Technician uses what will look like a long stick with wax at the end.  The lobe and inside of the ear is done. Did i say it hurts.

Chest, back, underarms and legs:  The Hot wax is applied.  A long muslin strip is placed and removed quickly.  If you are wondering if  the technician applies wax to your nipples-yes. Sometimes your underarm bleeds so make sure you keep it clean.

Bikini, Brazilian and between the cheeks waxing:   Hard wax is used.  You should never have your genitals (penis and scrotum) waxed but as you know many do anyway.  Make sure you exfoliate the night or a few days before and get a numbing cream and apply it before your waxing session.  Ask skin technician about this when making your appointment.  Take an pain over the counter medication such as Advil to reduce the pain.  Yes, of course it hurts but you do get use to the pain as time goes by.  Any missed hairs will be tweezed.  The skin technician after procedure should apply an ingrown hair inhibitor. Use it at home as well between services two -three times a week.   Between the cheeks (I know you are wondering) removes the hair around the pubic area, buttocks and the edges of you bvtt cheeks or inside.  It’s up to you how much hair to remove in this area.  By the way, the Brazilian removes the hair from the bikini line, genitals, buttocks and between your cheeks. Yup! So there you have it for our skincare conversation right here at skincare talk radio.  I hope that you have found this helpful? Please feel free to email me your questions or perhaps share your waxing experience with us.  thanks again for joining me today. make it a great day. Check us out on twitter and Aboutme.com. Also on:  Stitchers, Tunein, and Spreakers radio.

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S29: The Fountain Of Youth-Resveratrol.



What is Resveratrol?  It is a polyphenol and this is a type of antioxidant. We want to be exposed as much as possible to antioxidants.  Antioxidants  protect us from chronic diseases and cancer. Reseveratrol is loaded with antioxidants!.

Where can I find Resveratrol?  Since it is found in the skin of red grapes, wine is loaded with Resveratrol.  The problem is that other properties in the wine may not aid in healing our body.  You can take Resveratrol in Liquid or capsules but you need to research the companies.

Side Effects?  I think it’s still too “new” to really know but so far even from high doses there have been no warnings or ill side effects. .

Resveratrol may interfere with blood thinning, aspirin, Ibuprofen, anti-platelet and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication.
The result may be an increased risk for bleeding.

It’s possible that Resveratrol may actually have estrogen-like properties. Caution should be taken by those individuals who have hormone sensitive cancers and should be avoided all together.
Caution:  Some people have reported that Resveratrol triggered their auto immune symptoms.

Complete thoughts on this subject on Podcast. Thank you so much for joining me today.  Make it a great day!

Smiles & Hugs

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S28: Do Your Hands Look Older Than You?



1.  Apply sunscreen on your hands each time you wash your hands through out the day.  Keep your sunscreen with you.

2.  Protect your hands by wearing gloves when doing house chores, work, gardening or during winter months.

3.  Exfoliate your hands.

4.  Apply a mask.  Add a glow by using a homemade  turmeric mask on your hands.

5.   Moisturize your hands.

Your hands tell the world all about you so take care of them. Thank you for joining me today.  Make it a great day!

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S27: Living with Melasma



Melasma can truly affect the day to day life of an individual suffering from this condition.  This is such an agonizing and stubborn  condition because it is difficult to treat.  What is Melasma?  Most of you might be familiar with the term “mask of pregnancy” (colasma) these are  large brown patches of discoloration around the central portion of the  face that appear after giving birth due to the estrogen/progesterone imbalance  or hormonal  activity.  These hormonal shifts  are responsible for making the melanocytes (melanin producing cells) increase in activity which in turn coats the skin with a dark discoloration.  Melasma can appear also in the malar and mandibular area. In other words,  hyperpigmentation as a result from pregnancy, hormonal changes, using oral contraceptives, genetics and most especially from unprotected sun exposure.  Certain medical conditions can cause melasma such as thyroid problems, Addisons Disease and other disorders.  Please do not feel alone and isolated because of this condition- many people  suffer from Melasma and I am one of them. There are many treatments available and through  trial and error  each of us will find  our own solution to melasma. It is through your  very own persistence in researching this condition  and the  consistency of your skincare that you will either eliminate or fade your melasma. There are many ways to treat this condition but patience my friend is required on your part.  Melasma can happen with any skin tone but occurs mostly in women with darker skin tones.  Although, Type III skin type: ( fair) can also suffer from melasma. By the way, you can also experience melasma on different parts of your skin such as neck, arms and legs but this is not often.

Darker skin tones means that those affected are on the Fitzpatrick scale and they are types:

IV,  Mediterranean Caucasian Skin, medium skin type-

V,   Mideastern skin

VI,   Black skin

What you don’t want to do:

Never leave the house without a sunscreen, hat and glasses (cataracts)!  Protect yourself from the sun. Your skin is very sensitive and will aggravate your melasma. The longer wave lengths of the light are UVA rays and they find their way deeper in our skin. UVA rays are responsible for premature aging.  Although both UVA AND UVB both penetrate the atmosphere so it is vital that you protect your skin and eyes (cataracts).  The reason we tan is due to  UVA rays and overtime this causes damage to our skin. .  UVB RAYS give you that painful sunburn and redness.

Okay, let’s talk skincare action for this condition: first things first:

Be gentle with your skin.  Sometimes in an attempt to get rid of the hyperpigmentation we resort to treatments that actually make the condition worse.

Medications that are affected by the sun should be avoided.

You must always use sunscreen, hat and glasses when you leave your house!

Possible Treatments:

Cosmetic Lasers/Please research and make absolutely sure that you have exhausted all other possibilities.

1.  Fractional resurfacing laser. There is absolutely no guarantee that this will work and  it may even make it worse for darker skin tone individuals. This treatment uses many small laser beams and sends this energy under the skin to break up the pigment color but you need several sessions to get any results and it’s very expensive.

2.  Dermatologist: Make sure that you indeed have melasma. Visit your dermatologist!  Hyperpigmentation can be a result of other medical conditions.

Do not use bleaching creme it will leave your skin white in the  hyperpigmentation areas.

Use a sunscreen SPF 30 or higher that protects you from the UVA rays and UVB Rays

Chemical Peels may be suggested

Steroid creams

Topical cremes


Hydroquinone, Tretinoin (Retin-A) and fluocinolone acetonide are generally combined in combination. Retin-A is a form of vitamin A which helps in the cell turnover. In other words, speeds the rate in which you shed your dead skin cells away. These ingredients can be quite dangerous so please do your homework and research these ingredients.

HRT-Hormonal replacement may cause Melasma.  The estrogen is believed  to cause Melasma.  After menopause you may actually begin to see the hyperpigmentation fade.

Galvanic or ultrasound facials

A combination of all the above or new treatments not listed may be used in your care..  Melasma is a stubborn condition and protection from the sun is vital. Some of your hyperpigmentation can fade with time and other areas are permanent.  Even if a certain area has faded, it can return with hormonal shifts such as pregnancy.  There are two types of discoloration:  Epidermal and Dermal  ( under the skin). You can also have both epidermal and dermal.

Natural Alternatives

Topical C’s seem to lighten epidermal melasma so therefore will help in some areas of your hyperpigmentation.  Studies have been proving that  Vitamin C helps in lightening the dark patches in the skin.  Vitamin C is also  rebuilds the collagen in your skin.  Remember that Vitamin C can be quite irritating and drying to the skin.  Always baby steps. Skin Patch Test everything that goes on your face. Be careful because for some vitamin C has been claimed to actually have  darken.

Turmeric Mask:  Check out episode S23: How To Lighten and Brighten Your Skin. I can actually see a lightening in my chin area and slightly on my upper lip so there may be something to this but not quite there yet. I use it three times a week right now – I make one batch and leave it in the refrigerator and apply it on my face for the next two days at night. Remember each of us needs to find what works for us. What may work for you may not do so for me.  Do your research and be willing to try those treatments that have worked for others..

Aloe Vera Gel:  contains mucilaginous poly saccharides which may help in fading the hyperpigmentation. There is also a removal of dead skin cells which is also very important.

Exfoliate: Do so regularly but be careful of those microdermabrasion kits at home because you can do serious damage.  I use my clarisonic but this does not help with melasma but prepares my skin for the serums such as  a light vitamin C.

MSM supplements: This is an organic form of  sulfur (found in plants)  that may help the melasma from inside out. Just make sure that it is organic and that the only ingredient is Methylsulfonylmethane.   Consume MSM in capsules or powder. Some people claim better skin, hair and nails.  Always Check with your doctor.  Always start small amounts of MSM-everything in moderation.  

Pycnogenol :  Some melasma sufferers are claiming that pycnogenol helps. This is a bark extract but like always research all information first and run it by your doctor. l

Become a make up camouflage artist! It’s very important to learn how to cover your melasma. Take a makeup artistry lesson on how to camouflage by your local skincare therapist (esthetician) or  visit a make up artist. Learn from online tips as well.  Research and help cover the melasma while you search for answers..

Stress Levels:  Be very careful!  Your adrenal glands can be the cause of your melasma as well-possibly. Worth checking out through a doctors visit.  Get a complete blood work   Our adrenal glands send out cortisol as a result may cause  an imbalance in estrogen and progesterone.  Take time throughout your day just for you to relax a moment or two.  I know easier said than done but try.  Stress can create hormonal imbalances so learn to manage your stress.

Boost Internal health:. Consume a clean diet and keep up with your fitness regiment.  Include meditation, yoga or do anything that gives you peace and relaxation.

Okay there you have it just a little information  on what is a very large and emotional topic.   You are beautiful inside and this radiates outside ALWAYS.  There are no scars or medical challenge that can hide your internal beauty.  Remember that and live your life to the fullest.  Be well and Happy.

This information is presented to ignite you into doing your own research . Your medical professional is your partner in health and it is very important to inform he/she of any changes you are considering within your prescribed health regiment. 

The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


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S26: Our Teenagers Are At Risk Of…



A recent study indicated that our teenagers are not protecting themselves from our sun’s harmful UV rays. In fact, there has been a decline on sunscreen usage.  Our teens are placing themselves in harms way and it is up to us to remedy this situation immediately.

1.  Schools must be more proactive in educating our teens in sunscreen (health class)  being part of their skincare routine.

2.  Dermatologist and Skincare therapists are quite often exposed to teens with acne problems and this makes it a great opportunity to place a sunscreen in their hands.  Take this time with your teenage client to educate on how to apply sunscreen. Educate them on the possible risks that are involved in NOT using sunscreen.

3.  Education on sun protection starts with the parents. It is easier to get a young person into the habit of placing their own sunscreen each morning than it is an older child.  Just as your child brushes his/her teeth and brush their hair so should the sunscreen become part of the morning regiment.  Sunscreen should be second nature all year long.

Here is the you tube link: http://youtu.be/o9BqrSAHbTc    How The Sun Sees You by Thomas Leveritt

Thank you for joining me today.  The secret to great skin is consistency.

Be Well and Happy.


S25: Before You Go To Beauty School You Should Know…..



Interested in becoming a Skincare Therapist? An Esthetician?

1.  You should love people because you will be around them all day long.

2. What are the opportunities in your community?

3.  Have an idea of the area in skincare that interests you such as makeup artistry, brow, acne or mature skin specialist.  You can work for a large cosmetic company or become part of the dermatologist office in medical Aesthetics. Do you have a gift in writing?  Consider a career as a beauty writer for large cosmetic companies or magazines. Waxing centers have sprung up all throughout our country and many skincare professionals start out in this type of setting.

4.  Write a list of all the schools near your home.  Call and set an appointment.  Suggestion:  Do not commit to anything until you have visited other schools and have taken time to re-think this decision.

5.  This is a great career but also an exhausting one.  Whether you want to start your own spa, skin studio or work for another company,  I wish you great success.  You can lead a fabulous career but do your homework and prepare for what is a fabulous field.  Learning never ends in the beauty industry most especially skincare. Best of everything to you.





S24: Should You Use A Clarisonic?



The Clarisonic removes the dirt- hidden and embedded in your pores- from your face and this is done by the motorized brush moving the bristles rapidly actually wiggling the debris out of the pores.  The process of removing  the dead cells without stripping your skin’s natural PH is a must. . The replacement brushes run around $30.00 and the unit itself is expensive.  Use it gently because most people are under the impression that you need to scrub your skin to get it clean. False!  You will disturb/irritate the outer layer of your skin called the stratum corneum which serves as a protective layer. A definite added plus is the lymphatic massage this provides most especially in those “puffy” face mornings.  During a facial spa treatment this type of massage helps with increasing circulation so the same principle applies to using your clarisonic.  The Clarisonic Mia($149.00) is the unit that I use and yes I love it!  My observation as been that in the reduction of my pores in  size and just overall glowing/clean look.  Please don’t use the Clarisonic if you are using retinols.  Consult with your dermatologist before adding or eliminating a prescribed treatment.  If you are experiencing skin challenges such as acne or rosacea then you may want to re-consider using the clarisonic.  Sensitive skin and those with broken capillaries may find the clarisonic to harsh to use.  Please remember that your skin gives you clues each day on what it needs.  The secret to great skincare is consistent attention-keep it simple skincare.   http://demandware.edgesuite.net/sits_pod22/dw/image/v2/AANG_PRD/on/demandware.static/Sites-Clarisonic-US-Site/Sites-clarisonic-master-catalog/default/v1408885264617/Mia_Lavender_Front_1000x1000.png?sw=443&sh=443&sm=fit


Thank you for joining me today. Have a nice day!


S23: How To Lighten and Brighten Your Skin.



Turmeric Mask

1 cup of rice Flour

1 teaspoon of organic turmeric powder

1 cup of yogurt

1 teaspoon of Manuka honey

Combine all ingredients.  Your end result should be a thick consistency. Always skin patch test and partner with your physician or dermatologist before changing any skin care routine.  This mask works over time but will give you an immediate glow upon rinsing it off.  Please listen to our program for the full details on how to create your very own turmeric mask.  Thank you for joining me today. Please feel free to share this information via social media.  Thanks! Bye for now!

S22: How To Avoid Pre-mature Aging.

Show Notes:  Sadly, skincare/beauty products are not put through any “safety” test so you don’t know when something isn’t so great for you.  There is no “product recall” in place to protect us from harmful ingredients found in our beauty care. How do we protect our health when using our beauty products?  By educating ourselves on what ingredients have proven or are even suspected to cause harm.  In Europe there has been a ban of over 1000 ingredients known to cause harm in cosmetics and we have only had a few.  Mostly those pertaining to skin lighting agents (hydroquinone)  and hair straightening treatments have been banned.  The rest is up to us to research and avoid within our own skincare regiment.  Harmful ingredients will not only age your skin but create an unbalance to your overall well-being. Read your labels.  Generally if you can’t pronounce the name of an ingredient  then it most likely does not belong in or on your body.

1.  Use a sunscreen with zinc Oxide or titanium Dioxide. SPF 15 or 30 depending on outdoor Activity. Reapply often. Prevent sun damage! sunspots on your hands are a result of the unprotected sun exposure so don’t forget the rest of your body. Even if you work indoors and sit by a window  the sun can find you and create damage.  Wear a hat that covers your face and don’t forget to protect your eyes (sunglasses). We have UVB and UVA light rays   and just for your 411-UVA sun rays can go through windows and land on your skin which is cancer producing.   So wear your sunscreen all seasons-365 days a year- come rain or shine.

2.  People who smoke age rapidly so if that alone can make you stop great! Your overall well being is in jeopardy but you already know that. I know that it is hard to quit smoking so let me share some tips that have helped others.   The number one jump start  in quitting smoking  is really wanting to quit.  Nicotine is addicting so trying to quit all by your lonesome may be difficult so seek help.  Visit you primary physician and let he or she know that you are ready to quit smoking. The physician can make certain nicotine replacement recommendations that have been proven successful . Recruit the help of family and friends because it’s those in your social circle that will prevent you from lighting “just one more” in your weak moments.  Consider behavioral therapy along with your physician recommendations to ensure your success.

3.  Keep your stress in check.  Incorporate restful music, sports exercise most especially when you are eliminating bad habits such as smoking and drinking.  Meditate, visualize, breath and take naps!  By the way, when you exercise please don’t tense your jaw because the cords that run along your neck stand out and pulls down the face making you look older and tired.

4.  Eat more fruits, vegetables and drink more water.  Please don’t drink your water through a straw because it creates lines. Consider adding light juicing if you don’t consume lots of veggies.  Eliminate if possible, excess salt, caffeine and most especially sugar  The sugar in our diet is bad because it breaks down the collagen and elastin in the skin causing you to age quicker.

5. Allow your skin to repair itself at night by getting a good night sleep.  Utilize silk or satin pillow case so you don’t wake up with lines on your face. If your budget allow, invest in 1000 thread count sheets and pillow cases this helps prevent wrinkles/sleep lines. Change your pillow cases daily because they collect bacteria and absorbs the oils from our skincare products on our face at night.

6.  Pamper your skin by providing it with excellent and consistent skincare.  Cleanse, Moisturize and use sunscreen.those  We want to boost cell turnover and chase away those DNA-havoc creating free radicals.

Daily and consistent steps will ensure healthy and beautiful skin.