S02: Mature Skincare For Women

Summary of Today’s Podcast Message.                                  Keep It Simple Skincare!
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Friends, those small deposits that we make into our skincare everyday will help us to age with grace and beauty. This is a brand new show and I am so excited to share with you information that is based on research and conversations with women just like you.  Feel free to share your story and together we will empower one another with knowledge.  Knowledge is power so share the wealth!

Enjoy the program! Hi Everyone!  It is quite common during a skincare consultation to discuss nutrition.  Therapists are quite convinced that our “environment” affects our skin.  When I say, “environment” I refer to your nutrition, level of stress, daily habits, and of course your skincare regiment. All of these factors work synergistic to either improve or deplete the overall look of your skin. In our last podcast, we spoke of hormones and their effects on skin.   
Let’s talk Hormones: 
Our hormones play a major role in your skin.  Yup! Your endocrine glands are busy producing hormones.  Where are your endocrine glands? In your head! Thyroid! Lower Torso!  Yes, these hormones are chemical messengers and are sent out  throughout your bloodstream to do their job. Our skin undergoes significant  changes throughout our life and as women estrogen plays a major role. By the way, we don’t own estrogen-men have it too!   We make estrogen in our ovaries which include estradiol, estrone (menopause), and estriol.The first thing you will notice in aging skin is in the lack of thickness. You begin to notice that your skin is thinner.  Why?  There is a decline in your estrogen levels and this invites lines, wrinkling, dryness, sagging but only if we let it.  Where’s the fat!? We begin to lose the fat that you need to keep all in place. We also begin to lose the elasticity and this gives us that sagging and “older” appearance. Collagen is what keeps our skin thick and hydrated which keeps our skin wrinkle-free. Estrogen has anti inflammatory properties which keep us young looking. Women experiencing Rosacea will notice a more pronounced episode during menopause. Some of us during menopause experience oily and acne skin instead of the typical dry skin expected of us. Yup! You can blame testosterone because it’s responsible for the skin’s sebum (oil) production.  You see ladies, testosterone is part of the male hormone family Androgens.  Since we have some testosterone too then we acquire some of its not so lovely traits during menopause.  Have you noticed any hair growth where it doesn’t belong lately?  There is an imbalance between estrogen and androgen during our menopausal years. I ask you what are we, “mature” divas to do?
Let’s Talk Skincare:
http://us.cdn4.123rf.com/168nwm/kakigori/kakigori1103/kakigori110300073/9043854-blonde-woman-applying-facial-beauty-skin-care-cream-mask-treatment.jpg1.  Clean your face every night! Skin types are different but if  your skin is on the drier side due to the “change”–. What a terrible term to use for what is part of our natural process in life as women–then I don’t advise you to use any gel or foam type of cleanser.  These type of cleansers will stripe the oil you need right off your face. Also, don’t use cleansers that have those little pearls of “natural exfoliation” they are too harsh on your skin.  You will simply irritate your already delicate skin.
Use instead:
A cleanser is to simply clean your skin. Period.  There is no “anti-aging” magic to it so please save your money by using a simple effective cleanser.
Over the counter Suggestion:
Cetaphil Gentle skin Cleanser-Range: $ 4-7 which makes it cost effective.
I like this cleanser because it does not aggravate dry or oily skin conditions.
From The kitchen cupboard
This is one of the products that I use at night: I use first cold pressed RAW Coconut oil.(Non-GMO)
-Use a small GLASS. Depending on weather coconut oil changes it’s state from liquid to solid.  Both states are effective but just remember to use a clean tool to remove the product.
– Splash warm water on your face or use a warm cloth on face to open pores.
– Begin to gently massage oil in an upward motion and then very carefully begin to massage makeup (if any) off your eyes.  Be very careful around your eyes.
Always test ANY new product whether it is “organic”, “natural” or Famous brand.
-Rinse your face and then pat dry.  Use your clean hands to massage the residue into your skin.  There is absolutely no need to add more moisture.  You are set to go to sleep.  No, you don’t need a toner in the evening.  If you feel better spray a bit of European rose water (helps preserve our acid mantle) on your face.  Again, check for sensitivities.
Coconut oil has amazing antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.  A must have in every single kitchen cupboard.  A money saver too!  If you still have that yucky oil feel then use the rose water or regular water. Don’t worry your skin’s potential hydrogen (pH) is safe with this .Our skin pH ranges between 5.4 & 5.5
-if you are not  using coconut oil for cleansing then you can use it as a moisturizer but make sure that your face is wet when you apply it.
Over the Counter Moisturizer:
Shiseido Bio performanceAdvanced Super Revitalizing Cream.  This product is costly but my skin loves it! This Japanese skincare company has been around for over 100 years! I like when you go to their counter you  receive a free skin consultation.  My clients loved the use of this product on their skin.  They are a partner company with a brand you are most likely familiar with:  Bare Minerals.
Other important skin regiment that work: 
Get a good night’s sleep.  Yup!  Your skin health depends on a  restful night sleep.  Why? Restless nights equal stress and this elevates the hormone cortisol and encourages INFLAMMATION and other not-so-great skin conditions.
Drink your water – If you are thirsty drink water.   Stay hydrated.  Will drinking water make you young? No, but it is great for your body, skin and brain.
-Have a great mental attitude! Hard to believe?   Set the tone of the day and you will have less frowns on your face.  You will combat stress. Set time each morning to pray, meditate, smile and laugh! learn something new!
Exercise is a MUST for healthy skin not to mention the other parts of your body. It increases your blood flow which carries oxygen to all of your tissue cells.  If you have Rosacea or other skin conditions protect your skin from flare ups during exercising.
Use Sunscreen! 

Thank you for sharing your time with me.  Please always consult with your medical professional before adding or changing any part of your healthcare regiment. Email: skincare4radio@gmail.com http://www.stitcher.com/s?fid=51078&refid=stpr



S01: Welcome To My Very First Episode!

Show Notes:  Listen to radio show for complete message. Thanks.

Welcome to my very first episode of Skincare Talk Radio, where the focus is on the “mature” skin for both men and women. I have designed this show with your questions in mind. I became interested in Oncology Esthetics and Mature Skincare, while completing-the state required– 600 hours of training. 
Each Week, we will address your questions in depth and offer you possible solutions. It is my sincere hope that you find my radio program, encouraging and most especially helpful.


Let’s begin with our very first question:

How do I know if my skin is considered “mature?”

It truly depends on the condition of your skin.  I have known individuals in their 30’s with skin damaged by the sun which added ten or more years to their face. In general, men in their forties and up and women in their menopausal years are considered “mature skin”.  This is primarily due to the fluctuations of hormones during these years such as :

  1. Progesterone
  2. Estrogen
  3. Androgenic
  4. Testosterone 

Many individuals begin to experience dull and thin skin, formation of lines, wrinkles, dry and itchy skin.

http://ec.l.thumbs.canstockphoto.com/canstock8266122.jpgOn Next week’s episode we will target :

Mature Skincare for Women and the following week: Mature Skincare for men. 

Step by step suggestions on the proper skincare routine for each episode. In addition, I will include organic homemade skin care receipes right out of your kitchen cupboard! Hey! Great idea, we will call it, “Kitchen Cupboard Skincare” segment.  How’s that?  Okay, there you have it, a little introduction on what you can expect with each show.  Thank you so much for sharing your time with me. 

Please feel free to email me your skincare questions. Use your sunscreen, drink your water and Remember that Great skin begins from within.  

Make it a great week!