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S-106: What’s an easy way to reduce my pore size?

I just love using my Clarisonic Mia 2 especially evenings when I just want to clean my face quickly and finally rest for the evening! The Clarisonic removes the dirt- hidden and embedded in your pores- from your face and this is done by the motorized brush moving the bristles rapidly actually wiggling the debris out of the pores.  The process of removing  the dead cells without stripping your skin’s natural PH is a must. . The replacement brushes run around $30.00 and the unit itself is $ 149.99. Use it gently because most people are under the impression that you need to scrub your skin to get it clean.  You don’t want to  disturb or irritate the outer layer of your skin called the stratum corneum which serves as a protective layer. A definite added plus is the lymphatic massage this provides some alleviation to those “puffy” face mornings.  During a facial spa treatment this type of massage helps with increasing circulation so the same principle applies to using your clarisonic.  My observation is that there is a definite reduction in my pore size and just an overall glowing/clean look.  Please don’t use the Clarisonic if you are using Retinols.  Consult with your dermatologist before adding or eliminating a prescribed treatment.  If you are experiencing skin challenges such as acne or rosacea then you may want to re-consider using the clarisonic.  Sensitive skin and those with broken capillaries may find the clarisonic too harsh on their skin.  As I always say, skin patch test everything! We are all unique in what our skin demands and accepts.   The secret to great skin is a consistent skincare regiment and the use of sunscreen everyday! Keep it simple skincare is the way to  ensure that your teenagers will begin a journey of good skincare practices.

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