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What is Glycerin?

Glycerin is a humectant/hygroscopic and it is a clear-colored liquid derived from plant oil such as palm, coconut or soy oil.  The fatty acids are excellent for the skin and found in both the palm and coconut oils!  It’s sweet-tasting thick liquid that can also be used as a sweetener. Glycerin is an emollient. A product that keeps the water on your epidermis forming a protective layer consisting of  a humectant, a lubricant that minimizes friction/irritation and an occlusive which traps in the moisture.

What’s a humectant?

It simply means that it absorbs water from the air and brings moisture to your skin. This allows for your skin to remain super-soft and hydrated. If you use oil free products then you may want to consider using glycerin.  Glycerin can also be dissolved in water and I always advise you to use it with a liquid.


Most skin types do well by using glycerin but you ALWAYS want to skin patch everything including glycerin. If you use glycerin by itself especially in a dry climate it will draw the moisture from your skin creating dry skin.  Glycerin can can actually create blisters –for some-if applied straight from the bottle.   By The way, glycerin is also found in personal care products such a lubrication which can worsen a  yeast condition or if not create one.

Face Cleansing

Glycerin is also great for cleaning and protecting your skin.  .

Helpful tips for skin conditions

Most skin types do well by using glycerin because it is hypoallergenic but you ALWAYS want to skin patch everything including glycerin.   You may want to add glycerin to your skincare if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis. Why? because cells are being signaled to mature normally when glycerin is present.   Acne sufferers do well by including glycerin into their skincare because of the antibacterial properties which maintain clean pores preventing further break outs.

How To Purchase

It is very important that you purchase PURE vegetable glycerin by your local vitamin store or whole foods. The product is very inexpensive  depending on store but normally around $5.50.  This will last you a long time because you only need a tiny bit and it has a lengthy shelf life.  If you are sensitive to smells-not to worry-it is completely odorless and won’t clog your pores. This is a very thick and sticky substance and I like to dilute it with Rosewater.

Another inexpensive way to take care of the skin!



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