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S-113: How can I Grow My lashes And Eyebrows Naturally?

I love using Castor and coconut oil for my lashes.  My lashes just love this oil!  My lashes really grow…long! I am quite uncomfortable using the over the counter and definitely the prescribed lash growers.  It does take time but certainly worth the wait.

What do you need?

Organic Castor Oil;  I use Heritage organic castor oil.

Raw organic coconut oil.

small glass bowl

Mascara wands from Sally Beauty store or you can purchase online.

To learn how to grow your lashes listen to today’s podcast-Thank you for listening!

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Smiles & Hugs


Heritage Store Organic Castor Oil, 16 Ounce



2 thoughts on “S-113: How can I Grow My lashes And Eyebrows Naturally?

  1. Hi my friend I love love love your skin talk words of wisdom thank you so much by the way I be listening all the time God Bless you and I love you Sylvia

    1. Hello Sylvia! It is so nice to hear from you again! Your words so beautiful! Thank you for always taking time to encourage me. I appreciate you listening to my show regularly. Thank you so much! You are so sweet! I will be sure to send you our newsletter when completed. We will have contests and gift giveaways only found in the newsletter. Do it yourself recipes using oils will be included in the Newsletter! If you would like me to address a particular concern in the newsletter just let me know Sylvia! Please continue to share my show with others. Thanks again and may God Bless You too. Smiles & Hugs to you, Cieloscent

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