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S-114: How Does Acne & Hyperpigmentation Affect People of Color?

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Men and women of color,  African American, Hispanic, Asian, share similar characteristics when treating acne. There tends to be a post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or otherwise known as PIH. This type of pigmentation can be temporary but difficult to treat.  It may take about 6-10 months to remove this type of hyperpigmentation on the skin.   PIH is almost always followed by an injury to the epidermis and/or dermis of the skin such as acne.  Although PIH can happen to anyone but more often seen in people of color. Those individuals taking certain medications can further darken the hyperpigmentation. When taking medications be sure to discuss how it may affect the skin. Please be careful with the hair products that you use.  Quite often there is a great deal of oil in these products such as pomade.  Pomade acne can result from using products with such oils.  What’s Pomade Acne? Acne that appears around the scalp, forehead, and temples. Your pores are being clogged around this area resulting in acne in these areas. This type of acne disappears at the discontinuation of the pomade. Pomade acne can create a problem of white and blackheads around the forehead area.  Sometimes you think its the first stage of acne when all you have to do is stop using the hair products. Use WATER-based hair products to remedy this type of acne.  Over the counter products may help you heal the skin after stopping the use of the pomade.  Partner with your primary physician.
How can I Treat PIH?
1.  SUNSCREEN-Preventing further damage is crucial.
2. Dermatologist may use: glycolic acids, chemical peels, hydroquinone, vitamin c cremes, kojic acid, licorice extract, niacinamide (B3).  Azelaic acid cream is quite often prescribed for the acne patient prone to PIH and has be proven to be successful for certain individuals. Intense Pulse light therapy or laser treatments can actually worsen your hyperpigmentation.  It is important to select a dermatologist who uses equipment geared to the skin of color.
There is also a condition called Hypo pigmentation (skin de-pigmentation).  This type of condition is where you don’t have the normal amount of melanin that gives the skin its color. You begin to see white spots throughout your skin in hypo pigmentation (PIH) -it’s actually a loss of skin color-. http://www.stlukeshospitalnyc.orgThe_Skin_of_Color_Center.aspx
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Makeup artistry tips during healing:
Coverage Makeup:  A foundation that is denser in pigments this will allow for more coverage. Designed to use on your injured skin.  They tend to be easier to apply.
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