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S-117: A Cieloscent Review On Coconut Oil pulling & Hair Care

RoseOn today’s podcast:  Cieloscent reviews coconut in “oil pulling” and  scalp care.
In Podcast #116  I introduced different uses for coconut oil on our skin.   I said that I would try ‘Oil Pulling” using coconut oil. Well, I can honestly say that it was…..terrible for me! My teeth looked clean but just didn’t care for the feeling. As promised, I tried it and won’t be doing it again UNLESS I find myself having an gum infection. I do feel that oil pulling may be quite beneficial to those individuals experiencing dental problems such as gum infections.

Next:  I decided to try it on my hair/scalp as a conditioner.  I left it on for two hours and my hair looks b e a u t i f u l and and my scalp feels great!! Thumbs up for coconut oil on the hair too!  Okay, so we have skin and hair benefits confirmed when using coconut oil.  Good to know!

2018-After years of using Coconut oil on my hair, I do find that from time to time this oil makes my hair a bit on the frizzy side-just for your information.

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