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S-118: Help! My Hands Appear Far Older Than My Age!

14min: Taking care of your hands is a very important part of skincare.  In today’s podcast, I share what Jojoba oil (not really an oil) can do for your hands and skin.  Gift Giveaways and first gift sent to:  Somni ASMR who shares beauty tips on her You tube channel and has been kind in sharing our podcast with her community. Somni, thank you!  Sending  love to all of you my beautiful and thoughtful listeners!  We are building a close and kind community within this big world called the internet.  Al & Sandy (listeners) thanks so much for your lovely thought!  Please visit us (for additional healing podcasts) at ::
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Smiles, Hugs and love from Cieloscent- Your Skincare EducatorRose

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2 thoughts on “S-118: Help! My Hands Appear Far Older Than My Age!

  1. Thank you so much Cieloscent for all your life wisdom and skin knowledge I am so grateful to have found your most beautiful voice talking on the SKINCARE TALK podcast now I listen to all three you are my sister in Christ Jesus name thanks again for all your advice love you girl….Sylvia

    1. Hi Sylvia! Thank you for always cheering me on and for just being the “sweet” person that you are! You have been following me since the beginning of this podcast and I would like to show my appreciation. You have participated in the podcast through your conversation suggestions, loyalty and kindness. As you know, Sylvia I’m a Rosary Artisan too. I would like to express my appreciation by designing prayer beads just for you. A gift from me to you! Simply send me your mailing address. You can either send me the information via email or through the comments section where all your information is completely private. Emails are never sold nor shared. Sylvia, thank you and please know that I blessed and humbled by having listeners such as yourself in my life, week after week. God Bless you always.
      Smiles, hugs and love from your Skincare educator, Cieloscent.

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