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S-123: The Dangers Of UV Rays On Your Eyes. Wear Sunscreen & Sunglasses Daily!

*As skincare therapist and educator I know the importance of using sunscreen and wearing sunglasses. Far too often I see people purchasing their sunglasses from the dollar stores or  “sell everything” stores.  You need to purchase your sunglasses from an eye care professional such an optician in an optical store.  Sunscreen is important and protecting your eyes from the UV rays is a must too. I feel that sunscreen and sunglasses go hand in hand. Sunglasses are purchased more often in the summer months but you need to be selective as you are with your sunscreen.  The optician can assist you in finding glasses most appropriate for you.

What Danger?

Ultraviolet radiation rays have been linked to serious eye injury/damage  such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.  It’s believed that the high-energy visible radiation (HEV) or more often referred to as “blue light” may contribute to these eye damages.  Individuals with a compromised immune system may be more susceptible to retinal damage and other eye injuries.

What should you look for in selecting your sunglasses?

1.  Your Sunglasses must block 100 percent of the sun’s UV rays including the HEV rays.  If you participate in outdoor sporting activities advice your eye professional.  Certain Activities outdoors will require you to have special lenses containing a filter that blocks intense light and reduces the glare. Many of your low cost  sunglasses contain triacetate and only absorbs 40% of the UV rays. So please visit an eye professional who could help you select the appropriate eye wear that will truly protect your precious eyes.

**Complete message on today’s podcast.  I appreciate your time in listening. Thank you.**

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