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S-127: How To Calm Your Beard Whiskers and Skin Irritation with Oils

All about beard oil on today’s podcast: Thank you for joining me today.

When you begin growing your beard you may experience some itchiness. Do not use regular shampoo or conditioner on your beard.

Here are a few tips that may help:
1.  Check your water! Hard water may make it difficult to manage the beard.
2. Adding pure vegetable glycerin to your lathering cream has been found helpful.
3. When in the shower be careful with the products you use on your hair:  I recommend the Shea moisture products.  All of their ingredients are gentle and soothing to the skin and great for the hair.
4.  Consider using a a shower head softener because it will remove the toxic heavy metals, chlorine and leave you with pH balanced water for soft skin.
5.  Your skin will appreciate your shower being more on the on the cooler side!
6. When purchasing your oils or balms be careful with the “other” ingredients  added to your product.
7. Wax can be drying  so you may want to refrain from use until the itch/irritation stops.
3.  Keep a well- groomed beard.  Trim your beard.
4.  Don’t pick at your beard .
Here is my favorite part in this remedy:  The beard oils.
1.  Tip number one: LESS is more-too much can clog your pores.
2. Towel dry and apply oil. Comb your beard to distribute and make sure that oil reaches your skin too.
3.  Many of you know that beard oil can be rather pricy so you may want to consider creating your own blends.
4.  In my Fabulous Skin Oils Book series, I have a book dedicated entirely to beard oil.  It’s very important that you enjoy the scent and feel of the oils used on your skin and beard.  A few drops of oil will moisturize, soften and alleviate the skin irritation.
Beard oil should have oils like :
1.  Vitamin E will supply your skin with the antioxidants and nourishment it needs underneath your beard.
2. Coconut oil (dry beard) deeply conditions and softens skin
Moringa Oil
Argan oil
Almond oil
Jojoba oil (really a wax)
4.  Avoid Surfactants

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