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S-129: Can We Send Mind Messages To The Skin? A Skin Meditation Podcast.

( 17.24 min) Indeed we can! Hi everyone!  The very BEST computer that we will ever come across is within us. We use it every single moment of our life.  Our beautiful brain has one important purpose: to keep everything within us working perfectly in balance.  Yes, that’s a big job!  The mind is the “purest form of energy” and this is what you experience and put forth out into the world.  The mind vs brain discussion has a long history in itself.  The mind is the part of you that “feels” the emotion or sensation. There are examples suggesting  that the mind can “takeover” the skin such as with eczema.  This is why from day one of this podcast, I have said, “Life events affect our skin”.  Acne flare up before the prom or wedding? Yes, stress is the culprit!

What do you suggest I do?  Take a time out! Yes, your mind can help in healing any skin challenge.  Include your “mind”  as another solution in aiding in the healing of your skin.  “I’m already doing everything I can and now you want me to use my what? Yes, use your mind! I’ll show you one simple way to get you started.  All you have to do is practice this or any other meditation that calls to you.  Let’s slow down the pace and release some stress with our very own mind.  Let’s do this now if you can find a quiet comfortable place to meditate with me.  There are many wonderful videos and podcasts for you to add to your collection to help you during meditation time. If you enjoy quiet whispering you will want to checkout SOMNI ASMR ( Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) on you tube.  Somni’s Visualization You Tube is just marvelous! I am inspired to create a visualization podcast for our self development podcast, Cieloscent radio. Thanks Somni!  Whichever you choose just be consistent and you will “feel” the benefits that quiet meditation brings to you. If you choose to join me in our skin meditation today, find a quiet place where you can close your eyes. If you have any concerns or under medical care consult with your practitioner. Let’s begin, inhale through your nose and slowly release the breath through your mouth……

Thank you for joining me in today’s podcast.
Be well, happy, handsome and beautiful!

Smiles, Hugs and love
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