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S-130: How To Use Essential Oils On The Skin

*I just adore my essential oils however they do have rules in how to use them most especially on your skin. Let’s talk:

1.  Essential oils (PURE) should never go on your skin without a carrier oil.  The carrier or base oil will actually do that: “carry” the essential oil throughout your skin.

2. Carrier Oils are Vegetable, nut, seed or fruit oil.  I suggest you seek cold-pressed and unrefined when possible.  Important 411-  Essential oils evaporate where carrier/base oils do not.   Unrefined oils (some) may have a stronger scent than refined oils. For example:  refined avocado great for culinary purposes because in this state high heat acceptable.  Unrefined avocado oil  is not advisable (low heat at best) when cooking.

Example (common)   Fixed /Base/Carrier oil: Sweet Almond Oil:  (Prunus Dulcis) Most often used by massage therapists.  Sweet almond oil comes from the  dried kernels of sweet almonds.  Pale yellow in color and good for all skin types. ALWAYS SKIN PATCH TEST EVERYTHING UNFAMILIAR TO YOUR SKIN. CONSULT YOUR MEDICAL PRACTITIONER  if under care or with any medical concerns or questions. . 

3. HEXANE free:  Extremely controversial.  The main point is that the end result : the hexane left (residue) once the oil extraction process is completed.  Another is the environmental concern. This is a topic that I will explore with you in depth at a later time.  What do I choose?  Hexane free is my personal choice.

Thank you for joining me on today’s Podcast: Essential oils

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