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S-134: Ten Steps to Healthy Skin And Mind

1. Wear Your Sunscreen everyday-.
2. Use protective clothing and UV blocker umbrella (Sports Spectator) .
3. Don’t Smoke and limit your alcohol consumption
3.  Have a regular skincare routine.  Be consistent.
4.  Good Quality sleep
5.  Drink Water! Eat a clean diet
6.  Exercise
7   Have a great mental attitude.  Add meditation time throughout your day.
7.  Do something just for fun!  Painting, music, horseback riding, fencing, etc.
8.  Social Circle -Set some time to socialize with family and friends.
9.  Give to others through tithing or giving of your time.
10. Be grateful, give thanks, forgive, and laugh. Laugh a lot because your entire body loves the feeling!

Complete message on today’s mini podcast.
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