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S-140: Acupuncture Facelift

What is Facial/Cosmetic  Acupuncture?

*Chinese Medicine.… It’s all about what the Chinese call Che or your life energy.   Picture your local highway and all the different exists -well in the human body that is your meridian. We have all at one time or another found ourselves stuck in a traffic jam, so can the body.  Acupuncture can get you “unstuck” from that “traffic jam” with your body. The small needles inserted into your skin send a signal to your brain releasing those “feel good” chemicals throughout your body such as endorphins.

The needles used on the face are quite different that those for the body.  This may be a better alternative than using botox, fillers or plastic surgery.  The acupuncture  needles are quite small but effective enough to stimulate blood flow to the face and  gradually lifts the skin.  Tiny needles  create  small trauma to the skin providing the following benefits:

Stimulation of collagen and elastin (dermal layer) in order to begin the repair of the micro tears/wounds.
Stimulates Blood flow to area
Boosts collagen production
Tightening of the pores
Improves elasticity
Hydrates dry skin
There may be slight bruising most especially around your eyes and neck.

Life events affect the skin and what happens inside your body is expressed on your face. Facial Acupuncture works on minimizing your wrinkles and lifting your face but it also treats other parts of your body.

Contraindications: Certain conditions such as diabetes or uncontrolled hypertension.  Acupuncture is not advisable during pregnancy, individuals who suffer from migraines or epilepsy.

Will I Feel Pain?

You may feel pressure, heat, or a pinch at insertion but no pain. the needles are generally lighter.

1.  Consultation. (15 minutes). Where do you want to concentrate on your face?

2. Most Acupuncturist check the tongue and then apply needles to certain body points before facial treatment.  This helps with the detoxification and focus on the digestive system. Keep in mind that body points to be treated differ from person to person.

3. Your face will be cleansed with a disinfecting toner before inserting the needles.

3.  The facial  acupuncture starts by inserting  needles at  the head points to lift.  Focus is on lifting the skin: Frown lines, mouth, jaw line, around the sinus area.  The needles remain around 15-20minutes.  So just relax your  mind and body and let the needles do their work!

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