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S-146: Korean Skincare Tips For Younger Looking Skin.

*Skincare in Korea is taken quite serious.  It’s evident by the many steps taken in their daily skincare routine.  Another skincare product used is sun protection. I truly admire how skincare is taught at a very young age.  I believe this is vital and the responsibility of each parent to teach their children to use sunscreen and good skincare practices.  It’s fair to say that “Skincare” practices is part of the Korean culture. We in the west can master this by simply learning the routine.  There are two biggies in Korean skincare that we in the west find different:
1.  Korean skin care entails many steps
2.  Many “dollars” skincare. (expensive)
Korean skincare is all about “layering” the skincare products. There is a system or order to which product to apply first.  Always use the lightest skincare product first and then work up to the thicker creams.
1.  Pre-cleanse– makeup remover. Sounds like Dermalogica, doesn’t?
2. Oil cleanser because it will pull any makeup left behind. Press it into your skin and massage it into your skin.
3. Cleanser-removes any oil left on your skin from ” oil pulling”. You can use your clarisonic if you want at this point.  If you have sensitive skin you may want to use machine 1-2 per week.  Sulfates will strip the skin barrier so stay away.
4. Exfoliate-Depends on your skin type. 2-3 times a week is okay.
5. Toner–  Korean women pat it into their skin. Press as I always share with you on this podcast.
6.  Apply Essence -known to be the soul/center of Korean skincare.  It sounds like the serum portion of skincare but it’s not at all. It is also NOT a toner.  The active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin.  Glycerin gives it that slip needed to massage into skin along with other active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.
7.  Sheet Mask for “face vitamins”.  Some are 2 step mask-
8.  Serums:  This is the “unique” part of the skincare. Choose a serum(s) that will address your particular skin challenge.  Wait between treatments.
9.  Eye cream: Choose a light cream dedicated to skin around the eyes. Use your ring finer to apply.
10. Moisturizer:  Day Moisturizer (SPF) and Evening Moisturized can be thicker. The moisturizer for most will depend upon the season. Summer (lighter) Moisturizer and winter heavier.
11.  Sleeping mask:  Use 2-3 times a week.  Hydration, hydration and more hydration.  Moisturizes and tightens pores.

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