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S-167: Perimenopause & Menopause Sensitive Skincare

*You would think this “menopause”-for some-would be the worst time of one’s life.  The mood swings, hot flashes, itchiness not to manage the dry desert residing within you can really interrupt your life.  Here are some tips that may be of help ease some of the symptoms of menopause upon the skin. Always check with your medical practitioner

1.  Check your hormone levels.  The fluctuation of hormones can absolutely trigger some of the symptoms that you are presently experiencing. How you wish to treat the balancing of your hormones is between you and your medical doctor.  On a personal note, I would always advice taking the route least invasive upon the body.  In other words, chemical free because sometimes in seeking relief the traditional way we can create other “really” serious medical challenges.  In addition, get a complete blood count to make sure that everything is in check including your vitamin D levels.

2.  Eat a Clean Diet:  Avoid excess salt and sugar.  Truly limit your intake because it can make a tremendous difference. Increase your “green” intake and consider adding homemade veggie juices.

3. Antioxidants, Herbs & Supplements:  Check with your Medical doctor before beginning any regiment. If possible, talk to a nutritionist who can help design a nutritional plan to support you during this time.

4.Inspect your personal care products:  What are the ingredients?  If you can’t pronounce it you most likely shouldn’t be placing it on your skin. The more ingredients the more likely a reaction. You have sensitive skin right now and need to  inspect every ingredient that you ingest and apply on your skin. Check your medications too! Sometimes the inactive ingredients create a skin problem such as itchiness.

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