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S-185: Skincare Radio Talk News

Thank you Sandy From Homestead Soap and Spa for going the “extra mile” and finding a guide (link below)  on “How to write an iTunes review! Sandy, Thank you for your lovely review and  I appreciate you sharing, Skincare Talk Radio within your social media platforms and social circle! I am truly grateful! Sending smiles & hugs to you!  Listeners: Link for iTunes Review:

Sandy would like to thank the following special people for their support in her Holistic skincare Artisan journey.

My wonderful supporters –
1.  My husband Randy – who puts up with a crazy wife and crazier chickens 🙂
2.  Rebecca and Jasmin Bretana – The dynamic duo who have incredible talent in their family – both web design, social media and journalism.
3.  Lisa Steele – Fresh Eggs Daily – I can’t say enough about how she has helped me with advice, reviews and her encouragement
4.  Bill Ciunowicz – who’s past experience helped my “education” cost less than what it could have cost!
5.  My son Brett, who helps me package, runs errands and provides feedback with a smile (imagine that from a 19 year old!)
6.  Lastly, but not least — ZonSquad – a Facebook group of entrepreneurs who are dedicated to helping smaller folks get over the hump and live the American dream!
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    Thank you for joining me on today’s Podcast:  Skincare Talk Radio News
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