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S-258: Estheticians Talk Shop

Thank you JoAnn for sharing!  Today’s  Topic: “Sharing A Beauty business with friends“. Cieloscent talks about the “energy” that you transfer to the client during treatment.

Estheticians Talk ShSpreakerop JoAnn Heaton shares her experiences-once a month- as a Holistic Skincare Therapist with our esthetician students and “newbies” in the skincare profession.  You can find JoAnn’s conversations on our You Tube Channel.  Joann began listening to my show as an Esthetician student and reached out to me.  She has been generous in sharing her journey with us and her enthusiasm has opened the doors as a licensed esthetician to being a monthly contributor to this  show. Cieloscent welcomes JoAnn Heaton as a contributor to Skincare Talk Radio. Thank you JoAnn for sharing your journey in the Holistic skincare Industry!

Thank you for sharing your story to empower others beginning their journey in the Holistic Skincare Industry.

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