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S-278: Our Guest: Lorraine Dallmeier of Formula Botanica“Formula Botanica is the world’s leading Organic Cosmetic Science School. We have trained over 1,000 skincare entrepreneurs in 80+ countries around the world. All of our courses are 100% online and self-study, so you complete them in your own pace at your own time.”

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4 thoughts on “S-278: Our Guest: Lorraine Dallmeier of Formula Botanica

  1. Great interview! I personally have been through Formula Botanica and it is because of that program that I launched my skincare line! Lorraine is brilliant along with so many other knowledgeable members and the support and training is top notch! HIghly Highly Highly Recommended!!

    1. Thank you! Yes, Lorraine is just fabulous and a sweet person! An incredible asset to the Holistic Skincare Industry! Your product line is just gorgeous!Thank you for sharing Kendra! Sending smiles your way! cieloscent

    1. It was a great pleasure and honor having you on the show Lorraine! I hope that you will visit us again! You are part of the Skincare Talk Radio Family. Continued Success to you! Sending smiles! Cieloscent

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