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S-291: Parabens & Other Preservatives In Our Personal Care Products

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2 thoughts on “S-291: Parabens & Other Preservatives In Our Personal Care Products

  1. You tell em, sister!! FANTASTIC podcast! I get so frustrated as well with comments and downright nastiness from people. I just look at it as their weakness and move on. To say anything negative about Kristina is crazy. She is perfectly healthy and gorgeous and those who say otherwise are, like you said, jealous and insecure. Loved your passion on this one, my friend!

    1. Hi Kendra of Masterpiece Beauty! Thank you so much! Yes, I agree Kristina from “Fully Raw Kristina” looks fabulous and in my opinion changes lives for the better with her message! I’m not here to shame the “haters” but rather to gently remind that “life is a boomerang”. We want to share positive energy into the world! Thanks so much Kendra! Love & Kisses to you!

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