2 thoughts on “S-350: Our Guest: Melissa Rau Co-Founder of M&C Naturals

  1. Hi Cieloscent, enjoyed your show very much! I have an existential question, are rosehip and rose oil the same?
    Your book on oils is much awaited!


    1. Hi Helena! Thank you so much for listening! I am so happy that you enjoyed this episode. Yes, they are both fabulous oils but quite different. Here is my podcast on Rose oil: Show 143 “http://skincaretalkradio.cieloscent.com/s-143-the-healing-power-of-turkish-rose-oil/

      Rose hip from seeds. Both are beneficial but different in price too.I have podcasts on both and explaining the difference. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm on our books! Yes, our plant oils book coming very soon! You are such a delight, Helena! hank you for your support and your kindness! I always love chatting with you! Thank you! Have a beautiful day! Cieloscent

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