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S-401: Botanically Based Beauty-Guest: Founder Of The Granola Goat, Liz Cardwell

Thank you so much Liz for sharing your expertise as a Skincare Formulator.  I just love the DIY that you shared with us, most especially the Holistic Hair spray! A Little Correction in Hair spray from Liz: “When I talk about the hairspray recipe.. 60ml x .005 is .3ml, which is 6 drops. So, the drop amount is correct, I just said my decimal incorrectly”.  Thanks Liz! The above is the correction to all creating this yummy hair spray!

The Granola Goat

Always Granola

“Being a life long granola girl, starting my own skin care line with natural and nourishing ingredients was in the stars. All the lovely smells in my products come from plants and essential oils only. It’s important to me to have a short list of ingredients to get the maximum benefit from few rather than the minimum benefit from many. Being able to pronounce and recognize all the ingredients listed on a bottle makes me feel good, and it’s what you’ll find on everything I make.”

Botanically Based Beauty






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