GREEN skin living, Music for skin health

S-495: Music, Mood, Mindset & Skin Health

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GREEN Skin Living:  Plant base diet, Healing Music, Brain waves, Goal Setting, Healthy Habits For Healthy Skin, Etsy shop, Singing for Skin health, social circle, toxicity  & more.

On this episode holistic skincare educator Cieloscent shares the importance of music for the body, mind & soul. Music brings in relaxation that affects the condition of skin, body and mindset.   Include music by singing, playing an instrument or just hearing your favorite tune everyday. Your goal on a daily basis is to keep your body, mind & soul as clean as possible.  Make daily deposits that nourish these areas of your life!

Thank you for listening!   5;44am Sunday, January 7, 2018

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Cieloscent/Skin Health Educator





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