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S-499: Cieloscent’s Favorites This Month-January 2018

On This Episode Cieloscent shares her favorites:  The Face Yoga Expert- Danielle Collins, The Green Divas Radio Show, The Forest Feast Gatherings by Author & Food Photographer, Erin Gleeson and Julie at  Cieloscent’s Favorites once a month!

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Have a beautiful Day!

Cieloscent/Skin Health Educator

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4 thoughts on “S-499: Cieloscent’s Favorites This Month-January 2018

  1. I made sure to grab my favorite tea before listening LOL
    Such a lovely topic, I love recipe books as well!!! Never heard of Erin Gleeson – thanks for this intro! I’m all about EASY too lol I certainly hope I can teach my little girl the right things from the get 😉

    You are such a strong, viable voice in the green community! Like you said, SHARING – it’s for all of us to empower everyone with information!
    Thank you so much for including me with these other amazing ladies. I have nothing but love & respect for you – Your support means so much! Just one video in, you are truly a motivator to keep on going 🙂
    Much love- Sincerely, Angie AKA WhippedGreenGirl xoxoxoxo

    1. Angie, thank you so very much for your kind thoughts and for listening! I think you are fabulous dear heart!!!
      xo Cieloscent

  2. Your podcasts are quickly becoming my favourite things! I am currently binge listening and scribbling so many notes, you wouldn’t believe it 🙂 Love this type of blog posts and Youtube videos, they are my favourites to watch, read and now listen. Since we are in the thick of winter, which I don’t enjoy at all, as I have SAD, I still started thinking of my own favourite things to do, and reading is one of them, it is a life time favourite, for sure. Two years ago I forbade myself from buying any more cookbooks, as I have a lot; and I could only afford a few health and wellness types of books a year (umm, living la vida broka) but now I have made a new to me discovery – I can request any book I like in my local library!! Some might laugh, but for me it is literally life changing 🙂 Have 12 of them at the moment, the max I can borrow, and another 76 in my wishlist. Well, 77 after listening this podcast, as I really want to peek at that cookbook you are talking about. My mouth is already watering, cha cha! Wishing you a lovely day! Take care. xo

    1. Hi Renata! Sweetie, that is the best way to consume books through the library, you tube & podcasts. FREE is always best! You are such a joy and I can’t wait to have you share your holistic skincare & GREEN skin living journey with us! Thank you so much for listening! Welcome to the Skincare Talk Radio Family!!!

      Have a beautiful day! Cieloscent

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