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S-500: Cieloscent Talks about Angie From WhippedGreenGirl.Com

Thank you Angie for your hard work because it shows on your beautiful blog/website and you tube channel!

Here is Angie’s beautiful website!

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Have a beautiful Day!

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7 thoughts on “S-500: Cieloscent Talks about Angie From WhippedGreenGirl.Com

    1. My Dear Angie! You are most welcome! My Mission has always and remains to empower. You have clearly worked very hard on your blog/website and now your YouTube Channel. I am passionate about a cleaner way of living and in what we apply on this incredible organism that we call the human body! It’s impossible for one person to know it all and as an educator, I am always learning! I have learned much from you & thank you for your work! Sending smiles & hugs your way! xo Cieloscent

  1. Wow- now I am 100% finished listening. I am speechless… which is rare! We are truly meant to cross paths! Everything you said hit a note. It’s true, on social media – it’s defeating. But getting your one like etc… that day always lifts me. I wish we would all work together – not against each other. It’s forging these types of relationships that keep me going. You are always one of my positives 🙂 THANK YOU – thank you for everything!!! I just can’t express it enough – or show my gratitude. Not even my own mother has taken the time to read my blog AHAHA – it’s amazing to know others do actually appreciate all the work xo

    1. Thank you, Angie! I get discouraged most especially from those in our skincare corner who only take and not give. I’m always delighted to share! I recently found out that a person in our community sharing their information on my platform was trying to gather my listeners to their community. All that “hush hush” for nothing because all the content creator had to do was share with me the project and I would have shared it myself on the podcast.I haven’t said anything nor will I ever but I share their content very sparingly NOT because I fear loss of audience but because the person was not upfront with me. You are growing your own community quickly because you are a giver and this will always win those who just take. Keep up the fantastic work! I’m so proud of you! Have a beautiful day! xo Cieloscent

  2. Absolutely loved this podcast!All the others are bookmarked for tomorrow’s binge straight after the school run 🙂 You are right, Angie is amazing person and such a kind soul, I adore her to bits. As soon as I discovered she has started a Youtube channel, I subscribed, supporting my fellow green beauty sisters is kind of a priority for me. Have a lovely day xo
    Renata from Green Life In Dublin

    1. Renata, Thank you for listening! Yes, Angie is a power house in Holistic Skincare! I totally agree and think it’s great that you support all of our green beauty sisters!
      Way to go! You are great! Thank you for your kind words. My heart sings with gratitude!

      May you be blessed with happiness, love and joy! Thank you for commenting!
      xo cieloscent

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