S-517: YOU ARE ENOUGH! Mindset is the first step to change

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2 thoughts on “S-517: YOU ARE ENOUGH! Mindset is the first step to change

  1. Hello Cielocent, I first want to apologize if this is any bother but I wanted to reach out to you bc I have this question & I feel like you could give me your opinion one bc your an esthetician & I love your skincare podcast but also bc I think you’re Catholic? (I am too). My question is this… I’ve always loved taking care of my appearance & admiring/loving how I look (i suffered huge insecurity but know I love how I look) but I Never neglect beauty on the inside, when I like my outward appearance, I don’t think I’m better than anyone else or feel cocky or arrogant. I just simply like to look in the mirror admire myself BUT also everyday I strive to have a heart filled with grace, kindness, & love God above all. I’m just tht person who loves outward beauty as mush as on the inside, but loves God above all. But lately (as in months) I’ve been feeling guilty looking in the mirror just to admire my appearance, I feel like I shouldn’t be able to admire myself bc I feel like it’s “bad” or even a sin. I feel guilty for wanting to care for my appearance, I feel like I should not care at all & then I feel guilty & ashamed. It makes me upset how I’ve been feeling bc I can’t look at a mirror or even think about looking pretty, bc guilt comes to me. It upsets me bc I use to love admiring myself in the mirror but at the same time I would always strive to have a beautiful heart & not be arrogant & to love God. But now I don’t have that motivation, bc I feel like I’m losing a part of me, that many may seem dumb/selfish, but to me was something that i considered was part of my personality. Just like some love to be super fashionistas. Idk what to do & im truly sorry if this made no sense, I’m not the best at describing how i feel even though I want to describe it the best that I can. Thank you cielocent, idk why but I felt like you could help me with this. I love your podcast & you.✨💖

    1. Hello Friend! Thank you so much for taking time in contacting me with your question. No apologies needed at all. Your presence is always welcome here. I have created a podcast especially for you. I hope that my thoughts are an asset to you. I appreciate you listening and for your kind words!

      Wishing you all the best!
      Podcast Show # 534: Should I feel guilty? Listener Question

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