S-517: YOU ARE ENOUGH! Mindset is the first step to change

YOU ARE ENOUGH! Empowering Women conversation.  Skincare Talk Radio is part of Cieloscent Talk Network: All Podcasts



2 thoughts on “S-517: YOU ARE ENOUGH! Mindset is the first step to change

  1. Wow. So many women can relate to this. That would be terrifying. With no kids- I left an empty relationship after 8yrs. It was the hardest thing I ever did. I couldn’t imagine doing it with little ones, relying 100% on you. What a strong woman, mother, inspiration. I still struggle with the whole “I am enough”… but I’ll get there 😉 Nice little change up on topics Cieloscent xoxoxoxo

    1. Angie, You are actually MORE than enough! We all are more than enough because as women we are the pillars in so many areas of our lives. This episode is part of our brand new “I am ageless” series because “mindset” is vital in beautiful aging. Age is a number indeed but you decide if you will live your Chronological or biological age!
      How you ‘FEEL” truly determines your age. It takes all areas of your life to make you the ageless beauty that you are or can become. I am ageless mindset is in your NOW moments! For example, your food choices, environmental elements & even your social circle for starters! Angie, thank you for sharing your story and I’m so happy that you are in a good place in your life! Thank you for your lovely support of this community. I have not missed one single video! I love them all, dear heart! Have a beautiful day! xo Cieloscent

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