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S-534: Should I feel guilty? Listener Question

Listener Question.  Thank you for your kind words & for listening! Cieloscent-


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2 thoughts on “S-534: Should I feel guilty? Listener Question

  1. Hello Dear Cielocent, i am very grateful that you saw my question about feeling guilty for wanting not to take care of my appearance. We all have different opinions of beauty & faith. I think that’s AWSOME bc if we all had the same faith it just wouldn’t be the same. As I mention, I love God above all & I mean it. Yet I always felt guilty about wanting to start an “anti aging” or “graceful aging as I also love to call it, regime. Personally, I see my mother with all her wrinkles, she’s not old but I know she has wrinkles bc of me, I have an illness (rhumetoid arthritis) & I can’t walk some days. So she does everything for me, like if I was a newborn. I don’t belive in sacrificing your health for others, bc then you can’t help anyone if your health isn’t good & I see that with my mom. I don’t want to see those lines in her face. Bc those lines are of worry & I do NOT like to see my mother like that. I want to see my mother beautiful & even youthful bc she still is young & she has to take care of my little sister too. I admire people who are 60 or 70 & look like they are 30 or 20 bc they took care of their skin/face. It’s an inspiration to me bc they look young on the outside & are kind of the inside 🙂 I always feel guilty about anything so especially doing things that I like, one of them is doing my “graceful aging” skincare, buying skincare that will help slow lines & wrinkles. So thank you cielocent for responding back in a podcasts. It means a lot. ❤️🌻.

    1. Hello sweetie! I’m so happy that you found the podcast dedicated to you a blessing. Thank you for sharing your story with me. I’m sure that it must be very difficult for you and your mom. Please talk to your medical doctor about diet and pain relief. Never feel guilty about wanting to take care of yourself! Loving God and placing him first means that you honor his presence by taking care of yourself as well. Share what you learn with your mom. It is never to late to begin taking care of your skin so perhaps you and your mom can learn about skincare together.Thank you for sharing and your kind words! Please keep me posted on how you are doing! You’re always welcome to chat with me, dear heart! You will be in my prayers! Thank you for listening & sharing your story. May God Bless you with a healthy body, mind & spirit always! xo Cieloscent

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