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S-588: Cieloscent Chats-Summer 2018

ZOYA  Nail Polish is my favorite! A Cieloscent Recommendation!

Happy summer 2018!  We will have a guest or two this summer for you!

Wear your sunscreen and reapply!

I love you all! Have a safe and happy summer!

Sending God’s Blessing of love and peace your way!

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3 thoughts on “S-588: Cieloscent Chats-Summer 2018

  1. Hello!
    I discovered you when you had your Twitter public bc I wanted to see if there was any radio for skincare & I now adore your podcasts. I’m still kindve new & I also realized you were a Catholic! I’m not sure if you have talked about this or if you normally don’t answer these types of questions, but I have hope you can help me with clarity. I read this post & I guess you can say it made me more confused & overthinking rather than clarity. I would love to know your opinion on this topic or taking care of yourself.
    This post made me feel more guilty & doubtful than I already was. As a Catholic, this topic has always made me feel confused and guilty too. As I’ve said, I’m new and I’m sorry if these are not the types of questions you answer.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello my dear listener! Thank you so much for reaching out to me! Your question is wonderful! My guest Veronica was delighted to share her thoughts in helping me to answer your important question! Here is our private twitter: . I mentioned you in our last podcast because I was unable to recognize your twitter account. Feel free to connect with me there-you are kindly invited to join us! I’ll recognize you this time! Here is the podcast dedicated to you dear heart! I hope this helps in answering your question! .

      Thank you again, dear heart for always listening and participating in our community! Your presence means so much to me!!!

      God Bless you with great joy, peace, beauty and great love in your life
      Host/Holistic Skincare Educator

    2. One last thing, I forgot to mention should you wish to join us on twitter kindly open your twitter account first, connect with us and then you can make your account private again,if you wish. Thank you!.

      Have a beautiful day!

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