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S-593: Skincare-Healthy Habits

Beautiful Skin.  Healthy Habits for healthy Skin. Thank you for listening!

Topics:  Kegel Exercises, Balance Ball, medication, drugs, Standing Desk, N.E.A.T., Coffee Enemas, Osteoporosis, K2, Calcium, D3, Soft Tissues, strong bones, Joint pain, Gratitude, Stretches, Movement, Skincare A.m & Pm, Bowel movements, Probiotics & Prebiotics, Vegetables, Berries, Laugh yoga/therapy,   Nature walk,   forest bathing,  Dr. Andrew Weil, Iron, Constipation, Magnesium Glycinate, News Fast, Body Movement, Homeostasis, Plant energy, Botanical life, plant oils, social life, chair yoga, arthritis, auto-immune conditions, Proper body mechanics, Estheticians, Digital life, yoga, Tai chi, Posture, Dietary lifestyle, Green smoothie, sugar, glycation, glucose, Omega 8006, Masticating Juicer, Water, Cellular communication,  kale, grain sensitivity, Digestive system, prenatal supplements,  and clean diet.

Cieloscent/Host & Skincare Educator-Summer 2018

Happy summer 2018! Wear your sunscreen and reapply! Have a safe and happy summer!

Sending God’s Blessing of love and peace your way! http://rosary.cieloscent.com/

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