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S-595: Cieloscent Book Recommendations! Summer 2018

Cieloscent Book Recommendations! Healthy Habits.

Whole“.  Book by T.Colin Campbell-

Leo Buscaglia: Foundation:

Dr. Daniel Levitin, “This is your brain on music”:

Julia Lawless, Essential Oils

Louise Hay, “You can heal your life“.

“Roomful Of Teeth”-

Topic of conversation:  Forgiveness. Balance in life. “Mental Housecleaning”. Cieloscent shares some of her favorite empowering books! Healthy Habits for Healthy Living Series by Skincare Talk Radio.  Self talk-what are you saying to yourself daily? The power of powerful and postive thinking. Cieloscent Audio Book Club.  

Cieloscent/Holistic skincare Educator.

Cieloscent Talk Network

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