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S-600: First Impressions Product Review With Cieloscent

Our 600th podcast episode! First Impressions product. Nubian Heritage.

Vita cost carries Patchouli & Buriti:

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2 thoughts on “S-600: First Impressions Product Review With Cieloscent

  1. Don’t know if you’ll see this, but I wanted to say Hi! I’ve used Nubian H body wash and lotion in the Coconut Papaya scent. Loved it and I agree that the fragrance is quite strong – lasts all day! Haven’t tried the body butter. Will stop in at Apple and FB. Love the podcast!!

    1. Hello Dear Cheryl! So happy to see you here! Hi right back at ya! Thank you so much for taking time in sharing your thoughts! Looking forward to hearing all about your experience with Forest Therapy/bathing! I too absolutely love your lovely “Free Range Diva” you tube channel! I wish you a beautiful day Cheryl! Be well & happy dear heart! Cieloscent-

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