Fall 2018 Guest Presentation, Skincare Talk Radio by cieloscent

S-613: Aloha Jenn’s Beauty Blog-Over Fabulous 40 Skincare Tips!

Fabulous Skin In Your Forties!  Thank you Jennifer from You tube Channel,”Aloha Jenn’s Beauty Blog” for sharing such wonderful information! You are always welcome!  Here is Jennifer’s You Tube Channel! Say Hello!https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm2v5FtplWSWMHyOu8oB8Pw

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September 2018 Community NEWS including our guest presentations!

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2 thoughts on “S-613: Aloha Jenn’s Beauty Blog-Over Fabulous 40 Skincare Tips!

  1. Loved your tips Jenn!! And Cieloscent, keep trying with the sauerkraut and I know you’ll get it. Homemade really tastes better than the store bought! Thanks to both of you for being the wonderful, generous women that you are! xoxo Cheryl

    1. Thank you dear Cheryl from Free Range Diva on You tube! I appreciate your kind words! Loved your Forest bathing Video! Absolutely Fabulous! Have a beautiful day! Sending smiles & Peace your way! Cieloscent

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