Healthy Habits For Healthy Skin-September 2018

S-615: Health Habits For Healthy Skin-September 2018

  1. Use Your Sunscreen.
  2. Skincare routines are important
  3. Eat your greens. Limit your fruits if after 40-add berries
  4. Social Circle- Friendships are important.  Intimacy-holding hands, kissing-all matter!
  5. Meditate, Journal, Mindfulness, Peace
  6. Hobbies-Just have fun
  7. Laughter, smiling-
  8. Immerse yourself in nature- walk in the park or by the ocean
  9. Twitter Cieloscent Podcasts:  September 2018 Community NEWS including our guest presentations!Cieloscent Talk Network Podcast Review- Thank you for sharing your love for our community! APPLE Podcast link

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