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S-667: Aloe Vera Green Beauty Product Review

Aloe Vera.  The Green Beauty Educator. Thank you my fabulous listeners for taking time and writing your reviews on Apple Podcast! I truly appreciate it! Sending love and peace your way! Cieloscent

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2 thoughts on “S-667: Aloe Vera Green Beauty Product Review

    1. Hello Roxana! Thank you for your question and for listening! I appreciate it greatly! Always start Small. Patch test first -See how your body responds. You can start with 4 tablespoons=1/4cup and if you wish you can mix it with 1/2 cup water too. I drink up to 1/2 cup straight. Ofcourse, Roxana always partner with your medical doctor most especially when taking medications. Thank you Roxana for your presence in our community! Have a beautiful evening! Sending peace and smiles your way! Cieloscent

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