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S-694: Skincare Ingredients NOT found in a jar

Skincare lessons by Cieloscent. Beauty Mindset is very important for outer and overall wellness. Healthy Habits For Healthy Aging

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2 thoughts on “S-694: Skincare Ingredients NOT found in a jar

  1. This is the first podcast of yours l listened to. It is very informative and interesting and makes a lot of sense. I have gone through many health issues over the past 16 years. Look forward to hearing some of previous ones.

    1. Hello Gigi! I really appreciate you taking time and writing to me. Welcome to our community! I’m sorry to hear of the health issues which you have experienced. I hope to be an asset to you via my podcast and thank you, Gigi for listening to me. Peace & Love to you Gigi. Cieloscent-

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