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S-703: The Art Of Natural Perfumery with Neeta Naturals

Pure natural ingredients in fragrance is important to healthy skin & body. Thank you Neeta for an excellent and informative presentation! Neeta Naturals is certified by International Perfume Foundation.

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Neeta Naturals Founder

Neeta was raised in India and was deeply exposed to the wisdom and cultural traditions of Ayurveda and natural medicine. She was also immersed in both the emerging natural and more exotic trends of the modern beauty world being a former model and Miss India finalist. Neeta has always been passionate about nature, beauty and the transformative power of scent. Through personal experience, she discovered how natural aromas can bring our bodies, mind, and spirit into balance and harmony. Neeta combined her years of studying ancient beauty secrets from around the world with her love of nature and scent to develop Neeta Naturals Neeta Naturals Ayurvedic Beauty & Wellness skin care line.  Healthy Habits For Healthy Aging


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