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S-705: Inner Beauty Retreat/Skincare ingredients NOT found in a jar

Skincare ingredients NOT  found in a jar. Inner Beauty Retreat for me. -Cieloscent/The GREEN Beauty Educator

Our bodies, mind and spirit tell us when we need a break. As mentioned in this episode, I enjoy taking moments that nourish and heal my inner beauty. I create a sacred space for myself which includes writing in my journal, connecting with nature, enjoying my solitude, playing my harp and limiting digital life. We can all find a little time to add an inner retreat moment into our daily life. We deserve it and the body, mind and soul demand it. Don’t cheat yourself out of these precious healing moments. Life is short so live it! Yes, attend to your daily responsibilities but be mindful of your “now” moments.  Thank you for listening to my podcast! I appreciate your presence in my community! Have a beautiful day, my friends!

love & peace to you- Cieloscent

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